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Top 10 Megan Thee Stallion Songs

By now, you've probably had enough time to listen to Megan Thee Stallion's recently-dropped sophomore record, Traumazine. We've been poring over Megan's latest slate of new tunes and are in awe by how far she's come in the rap game. She's no longer a talented bar spitter known for her features in other artists' songs, but a true artist who has finally developed a notable style, name, and sound for herself.

Originally from Houston, Texas, Megan Thee Stallion first garnered attention when videos of her freestyling became popular on social media. She signed to 300 Entertainment in 2018, where she released the mixtape Fever (2019) and EP Suga (2020), both of which reached the top 10 of the Billboard 200. She's known for her trademark "aah" tongue sound, her lyrics about female empowerment and sex positivity, her philanthropic efforts, and her no-bulls--t tough girl attitude.

Although we know Megan still has a long way to go in her career, we thought we'd piece together a Top 10 list of her greatest hits so far. For this list, we're only including songs where Megan is the lead artist. So for those of you expecting "WAP" on this list, we're very sorry. (If we ever create a list of Top 10 Megan Thee Stallion features in the future, that bop will most likely be #1!)

Ready to shake your body-ody-ody-ody? Peep our list of Megan's best tracks below!

10. "Pressurelicious (feat. Future)"

"Pressurelicious" is the third single from Megan Thee Stallion’s second studio album, Traumazine. Megan and Future flow back to back over a simple but hard-hitting trap beat that features a periodic piano riff. They spit braggadocious bars about their affluence, their sex lives, and their shared toxicity. Speaking of toxic: something about the underlying melody touches on their poisonous nature. It's haunting, malignant, but also powerful and heavy.

After teasing the track for a few weeks, the single cover and release date were revealed two days before the song was expected to drop at midnight on July 22, 2022. However, Megan ended up putting it out three hours earlier than arranged due to an unfortunate leak.

9. "Big Ole Freak"

This was the song that garnered Megan a more mainstream audience! Not only is "Big Ole Freak" a sex positive anthem, it's also a song about the power that comes with confidence. It's the most streamed track from Megan's noteworthy 2018 EP Tina Snow.

The track begins by sampling a classic R&B song titled “Is It Love This Time?” and then picks up into a fast trap beat. Megan changes her flow a couple of times throughout, increasing speed and switching rhymes, while the sample consistently fades in and out in the background. On April 15, 2019, "Big Ole Freak" entered the Billboard Hot 100 chart, making it Megan's first-ever entry.

8. "Hot Girl Summer (feat. Ty Dolla $ign & Nicki Minaj)"

When you've got Megan Thee Stallion, Ty Dolla $ign, and fellow rap queen Nicki Minaj in the mix, there's no way their collaboration can be bad. "Hot Girl Summer" was released in August of 2019 and boasts a sick beat and wicked bars. It also boasts neon attire and a steamy pool party in the official music video.

In an interview with E! News, Megan was asked what it was like working with Nicki Minaj. She replied, "So, the song was already recorded and ready to go, and then we just went [Instagram] live together and she literally recorded her verse that night. And, they sent the song to me and I was like 'This is not real life. Y’all are playing right now.' I love it. It was amazing. I can’t believe she did it so fast."

7. "Ungrateful (feat. Key Glock)"

One of the key songs off Traumazine, "Ungrateful" sees Megan and Key Glock narrate the track with dramatic reflections on thanklessness. They do so under a brooding piano led-trap beat courtesy of BandPlay. The song then moves to quicker and angrier bars, with darker and colder instrumentation. Despite how dark the song is, Megan's rap skill shines bright.

If you couldn't tell from the gothic music video, the real moral of “Ungrateful” is that when Megan cuts you out of her life, there's no second chance. She has no time for the fake-ass, snake-ass, backstabbin', hatin'-ass, no money gettin'-ass b-----s.

6. "Girls In the Hood"

Thanks to TikTok and other parts of the internet, the opening few seconds of this steady trap song have become iconic. "Girls In the Hood" is the second single off of Megan’s debut studio album Good News and is all about staying away from harmful opinions, expectations, and impressions. Megan is fed up with being good, and just wants to live life her way.

Besides featuring quintessential Megan Thee Stallion lyrics about haters, her lavish life, and her approach to men, "Girls In the Hood" samples a hip-hop classic released by a male (in this case Eazy-E) and flips it to the girl version. When hearing about the track's existence, Eazy-E’s daughters had differing opinions about the sample. ReeMarkable voiced her frustration at not getting clearance to use her father’s music herself when other artists can, whilst Ebie Wright praised Megan for paying homage to her dad. But similar to the overall message of "Girls In the Hood." Megan steered clear from the drama. Instead, she just kept on doing her thing.

5. "Her"

If you thought Beyoncé's "Break My Soul" was the only 90s dancehall-esque song released in 2022, you haven't heard "Her." This slick Megan Thee Stallion track was made for all the movers and shakers...especially the voguers! We'd love to dance to this bop at a kiki someday.

"Her" is the fifth track from Traumazine and overflows with boastfulness and a really catchy chorus. The track was released on August 12, 2022, with a majority of the other tracks on the album. It received a music video three days later, pushing it to debut at #62 on the Billboard Hot 100 during the week ending August 27, 2022.

4. "Thot Sh--"

With a booming bass, steady bars, and sexy, feel-good instrumentation, "Thot Sh--" is the sh--. It's Megan Thee Stallion’s first solo song of 2021 and brings about the highly-anticipated return of her alter-ego, Tina Snow.

Much like her previous hits, “Thot Shit” sees Megan flexing her success and confidence over an energetic beat. The single reached #16 on the Billboard Hot 100 the week of its release, and would later appear on the tracklist of Megan’s October mixtape Something For Thee Hotties. If you haven't seen the fun music video for this banger yet, we highly recommend you do. It's a satisfying visual that sees Megan and her gang of twerking girls ruin a misogynistic senator's day.

3. "Body"

On Megan's hit song “Body,” Miss Stallion brags about her desirability, being the envy of other women, and the fantasy of their men. It also features a killer beat made by LilJuMadeDaBeat, who has produced many songs for Megan including “Captain Hook,” “Big Ole Freak,” and “Cash Sh--.”

"Body" is Megan's fourth single from Good News and dropped the night of the album’s release with a video. The track features a rapid-paced instrumental built around a sample of a woman's moans. And you've definitely heard that iconic chorus: "Body-ody-ody-ody-ody-ody-ody-ody-ody-ody-ody-ody-ody-ody-ody!"

The music video that dropped for the song features cameos from Blac Chyna, Taraji P. Henson, Jordyn Woods, and Asian Da Brat, among others. No wonder this song is called "Body" – it's a track that will get you shaking on the dance floor!

2. "Savage (feat. Beyoncé)"

Considered Megan's most commercially-successful bop, "Savage" is where the songstress proudly displays her classy, bougie, ratchet, sassy, moody, nasty side. It was released as the second track from her third EP Suga, released on March 6, 2020. "Savage" has everything: plenty of references to her older songs, uplifting lyricism, and an awesome feature from Beyoncé on the song's remix.

Besides Megan's iconic 1920s-esque performance of this track at the 2021 Grammys, "Savage" is also known for its danceability. Choreographer Keara Wilson created an original dance to the tune on TikTok, and the dance quickly became viral. It got so big, it reached the point of Megan shouting-out various TikTok creators putting their own spin to the dance. After the “Savage Remix” featuring Queen Bey was released on April 29, 2020, an animated music video for the original version of the song followed on May 21, 2020.

1. "Plan B"

We got to admit: "Plan B" just hits different compared to all of the other songs in Megan's discography. Maybe it's her satisfyingly aggressive intro, or her unusual laid-back flow, or just the fact this track feels like a fierce homage to 90s Lauryn Hill. Whatever it is, "Plan B" is a song where Megan Thee Stallion gives us 110%.

“Plan B” is a candid female empowerment anthem in which Meg addresses a former lover that she feels disappointed by – someone who she used to "pop Plan B's" for. Instead of missing him, she proclaims she knows her worth. While oozing confidence and rapping classically over the song's old school beat, Megan delivers knockout lyrics that encourage ladies to be independent, love themselves, and be wary of men that may mistreat them.

In April 2022, Megan tweeted she was thinking of previewing an unheard song during her first-ever Coachella performance. She explained: "Every time I play it for a woman they start jumping and clapping." The idea came to fruition on April 16 and Megan debuted a snippet during her set, dedicating it to “whom it may the f--- concern,” and declaring the song is “very motherf---ing personal” to her.

Clips of the song debut promptly went viral on social media, racking up millions of views in just a couple of days. Due to deman, Megan quickly announced the official release date would be the following Friday. The success of Megan's "Plan B" is an important lesson for artists. It shows that oftentimes the most poignant works are the most personal. On this track, Megan teaches us that without any pain, there's no gain.

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