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Weezer to Release Series of Four EPs

Weezer posted on Instagram on Wednesday (March 16) to announce SZNZ, a four-EP series that will find them releasing a new EP at the start of every season. In other words: the band is sharing new music with us very soon.

The first EP, SZNZ: Spring, is due out on March 20 - marking the Spring Equinox. It was produced by Jake Sinclair, Ethan Gruska, and Suzy Shinn, and will be out via Crush Music/Atlantic Records.

According to a press release, each EP will be created in real time, during the EP's coordinating season. They will then be released on the first day of each season. This means Weezer have yet to begin work on SZNZ: Summer, SZNZ: Autumn, and SZNZ: Winter. The four EPs will each feature a song that interpolates a movement from Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons, which was a big inspiration for the project as a whole.

“This year we’re releasing four EPs each inspired by magic, Pagan myths, religious rituals, Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons, Shakespeare and more (so much more). Each one will take you on an enchanting journey,” Weezer wrote on social media alongside the lush cover art for SZNZ: Spring.

“Lots more coming soon, so mark your sundial for the coming solstices and equinoxes,” the group added.

The first single from SZNZ: Spring, “A Little Bit of Love,” has sprung. It's a compelling tune about love, showing that just a small amount of love can be much more powerful than one might think. Following the EP's release, the band will play “A Little Bit of Love” on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on March 21.

Listen to "A Little Bit of Love" below.

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