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10 Podcasts to Listen to During Spooky Season

October is right around the corner, meaning Spooky Season is in full swing! If you're an audiophile, you may be getting into the spirit with some eerie autumn and Halloween playlists. But what about the world of podcasts? Are there any horrifying shows that are perfect for cool walks through the neighborhood? Any terrifying audio dramas that can accompany you as you try to fall asleep in the darkness?

The answer: yes. There are so many spook-tacular podcasts out there, it's difficult to fit them all into one list. Today, we're highlighting some of our favorites out there. From productions that highlight spooky stories and legends, binge-worthy true-crime series, and shows that cover Halloween-appropriate movies and crafts, here are 10 podcasts that will surely haunt you during this year's Spooky Season.

1. Monsters Among Us

Hosted by Derek Hayes, Monsters Among Us is a podcast where real people call in to share stories of close encounters with supernatural creatures. Ghosts, UFOs, cryptids, Bigfoot, skinwalkers, Mirrored Men, and even time slips are discussed. You'll be surprised by the sheer variety of unexplainable experiences this show has to offer. And if you have a story yourself, you can easily share it via the show's website.

What makes Monsters Among Us so memorable is the candid storytelling style of the voicemails. Callers will pause, second-guess themselves, make jokes, or even apologize in the middle of truly bizarre or haunting stories. It's compelling and embues the show with a sense of authenticity that may give skeptics pause.

Listen to "Sn. 14 Ep. 3 - Shadow people, ghost writing and a camper's nightmare." on Spreaker.

2. Every Horror Movie on Netflix

Ever been curious about those strange horror movie titles you've seen while scrolling through Netflix? Amiable co-hosts Steven, Chris, and Patrick (no last names ever mentioned) have fearlessly sat through every horror movie on Netflix so you don't have to.

On their podcast, Every Horror Movie on Netflix, they report back with their findings. Although they cover classic studio films like Poltergeist, Red Dragon, and Crimson Peak, the real draw is hearing them discuss head-scratchers like the Emirati horror pic Grandmother’s Farm, the psychiatric chiller Clinical, the Australian zombie movie Cargo, and the moody Rhode Island-set thriller The Block Island Sound. If you're a horror movie fanatic, this podcast may help you add a few new titles to your watchlist.

3. Spirits

If you're looking for a folklore-based podcast like Lore but prefer something more fun and boozy, Spirits is for you. Hosted by Julia Schifini and Amanda McLoughlin, this podcast has the beloved co-hosts discuss a new story or character from a wide range of places, eras, and cultures while they mix a drink.

While a wide range of mythologies and legends are featured, many of the episodes dive into the spooky supernatural – such as the recent "Haunted Childhood Homes" episode with Mara Wilson and August's satanic panic. And if you're a dragon lover, now is the perfect time to start listening: the podcast is currently hosting a pop culture dragon bracket that fans can participate in!

4. Web Crawlers

This one's for the Creepypasta nerds and digital rabbit hole fallers. Hosts and self-described “Internet Sleuths,” Melissa Stetten and Ali Segel brightly chat as they literally crawl through the world wide web to discuss strange topics. Some of those topics include the Dyatlov Pass incident – in which nine Russian hikers mysteriously died in the Ural Mountains – sleep paralysis demons, the lost colony of Roanoke, and the Bell Witch.

Although the topics may range from slightly odd to deeply disturbing, Stetten and Segel maintain a loose, upbeat dynamic – meaning listeners can comfortably dip their toes into the unexplained, but won’t walk away feeling unsettled.

5. The NoSleep Podcast

This award-winning anthology series tells about five scary stories per episode, making it feel like an endless stream of spine-chilling content. There are a wide variety of stories covered, but they’re all told from a first-person perspective. Hosted by David Cummings, the rich atmospheric music in each episode enhances every frightening tale. And with over 600 episodes to listen to, you'll be spooked for days! (And may even get no sleep.)

6. 13 Days of Halloween

Executive produced by Lore’s Aaron Mahnke with iHeartRadio and Blumhouse Television, 13 Days of Halloween is an audio drama that spans two seasons so far. The first season stars Keegan-Michael Key as the spooky caretaker of a purgatorial hotel called the Hawthorne Manor. Each episode explores a different story from residents of the house, including dead lovers, creepy children, and tragic wedding guests. The second season follows a similar formula – with Kathy Najimy and Bethany Anne Lind starring. It's about a mysterious stranger awakening on the rocky shore of an eerie New England village. The residents pitch in to restore her past, but not everything in town is what it seems....

With a storytelling style that combines both “ethereal horror” with the classic, communal tradition of tales told around a campfire, 13 Days was designed to provide an immersive, three-dimensional experience for listeners.

7. Cults

Part of the esteemed Parcast Network, Cults is hosted by Greg Polcyn and Vanessa Richardson. They dive into the inner workings of the world’s most infamous cults and their leaders, examining them from both a historical and psychological perspective (although they always note every episode that they are not trained psychologists). The show covers everything from the Manson Family to Aum Shinrikyo to the Ant Hill Kids and even yoga cults.

8. Halloween Art and Travel

This recommendation is for craftier podcast fans! This unique podcast is created and hosted by "Halloweenist" Kristen Stafford and connects artists and collectors of Halloween art. You'll hear the stories and inspirations behind some of the best Halloween art being created today. Not only does Halloween Art and Travel feature dedicated collectors who capture their dream pieces, but it also explores Halloween-centric destinations that you may add to your Halloween traveling bucket list!

9. Superstitions

Another Parcast pick, Superstitions is hosted by Alastair Murden and investigates the backstories of superstitions from all around the world. You'll hear about classic curses like black cats and the number 666, as well as more niche beliefs like William McKinley's Red Carnation and the fishing tradition of throwing back the first catch. The podcast asks the question: Are these codes of conduct truly just coping mechanisms created in the face of an unpredictable world, or can we actually sway the supernatural and spiritual to work in our favor?

10. Dr. Death

We end our list with a beloved podcast that has been deemed one of the spookiest – and most addicting – of all time. Dr. Death is a horrific true-crime investigation where health and science journalist Laura Beil unravels the engrossing story of Dr. Christopher Duntsch: a doctor who performed botched surgeries on multiple patients over the course of several years.

In addition to exposing the potential motives (or lack thereof?) behind Dr. Duntsch’s gruesome and often fatal surgeries, Bell explores the way Duntsch was allowed to fail upward for years. Not only is the show an exploration of the doctor's malpractices, but also a critique of the way the American health care system aided and abetted him, and continually failed to protect his victims.

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