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6 Reasons to Transcribe Audio to Text

Many people still underestimate the importance of transcription tools like Audext. You need to keep in mind that an audio to text converter online can help you in more ways than one. Instead of typing every small detail, you can quickly transcribe audio to text to make your task easier. If you have still not explored the power of an audio to text converter online, now is the time to do so. We will today share six reasons why transcribing audio to text is a good idea.

1. Easily Distribute Information

Typing is a cumbersome task. Not every person can type 60 words per minute. That is why it is quite time-consuming. The more information you want to share, the more time you will have to spend. Moreover, it can result in fatigue, as well. On the other hand, recording the audio file is much easier. You can speak at length. The speed at which one can talk is often faster than the speed at which one can type. Later on, you can easily convert an audio file to text and efficiently distribute the information. You can quickly transcribe vast volumes of data in the form of an audio file. Transcription is suitable for:

  • Creating e-books
  • Creating reports
  • Jotting down your thoughts
  • Creating drafts for a blog post
  • Creating a narrative for your videos
  • Creating scripts

The amount of information which you can distribute by transcribing audio to text is immense. Once you get the hang of it, chances are you will quit typing and start recording audio files which you can later on transcribe. Instead of ignoring this mechanism to distribute information, it is time that you adopt it as soon as possible.

2. Facilitate Easy Knowledge Transfer

The protocols in many companies, as well as offices, require noting down every small detail. Every time you divert from your board work to create these reports or notes, it can result in the lapse of attention. It will drastically reduce your efficiency. On the other hand, you can easily record audio which you can, later on, convert using online tools like audio to text converter Audext. It will ensure that you can transfer knowledge quite quickly.

Similarly, when you want to initiate the handover process and transfer the knowledge to your subordinates or your juniors, instead of writing down everything, you can record the audio of the various steps you are performing. It will ensure that the knowledge transfer process is smooth. Thus, whether you are opting for direct knowledge transfer or jotting down your notes, transcribing is the best method.

3. Increase Your Reach

If you are a webmaster, transcription is a necessity for you rather than a luxury. If you do not use transcription services, you cannot reach a wider audience. In such a case, you cannot outwit your competition. It is one of the main reasons why you need to use transcription services. They can help you with:

  • Reaching a wider audience: With the help of video blogging, you can reach a wider audience. You can easily create proper subtitles to your videos with the help of transcription services like Audext. It means that even the users in countries where English is not the first language can easily watch your videos. This will allow you to broaden your audience base.

  • Generating more content: As we stated above, typing is a tedious process. When recording audio and later on using an audio to text converter online to convert it into text, the amount of content that you can generate will increase. If you generate more content, you can then increase your reach.

4. Journalistic Applications

Many journalists put a lot of effort into recording interviews or taking sound bites. The problem is that they then go through these clips to convert them into a report or an article. With the help of tools like Audext, you will not have to do so manually, meaning the process will be quicker.

  • Transcribing interviews: The best way to conduct interviews is to record them. It ensures that you do not miss anything. Instead of later on manually typing them into text, it is better to use transcription tools like Audext. The transcription tool can easily detect multiple speakers, which means that you can automate the process of converting the audio into text.

  • Getting quick sound bites: If you are a journalist, you always have to be ready to take a sound bite. Many times, when you're speaking with public figures or celebrities, they answer a couple of your questions before moving on. At that time, if you're fidgeting with the pen and notebook, chances are you might miss out on an opportunity to take a sound bite. That is why recording that sound bite is one of the best options. Later on, using transcription tools, you can convert it into text.

5. Help Students Ace Their Classes

Our schools and colleges are becoming more and more competitive. You can not even afford to miss a single class or a lecture. The problem is that amidst taking down notes at a feverish pace and also listening to the teacher, you might end up missing something. Due to this very reason, it is better to record your lectures. There are multiple benefits to do so:

  • You can easily and accurately record the entire lecture.
  • You can convert the audio file to text and create notes.
  • You can refer to these notes as many times as you want.

When you're recording the lectures and later on converting them into text, you will not miss out on any information. It means that even if you had a lapse of attention, you should be able to get that knowledge through your text or notes. You just need to upload the audio file to a tool like Audext, and it will help you convert it into text.

Students can use transcription tools in more ways than one though. When you create a dissertation, an essay, or an assignment, you can dictate it rather than writing it down. It will ensure that you save a significant amount of time. After the dictation is over, you can convert the audio file to text and then your dissertation, essay, or assignment is entirely ready. It will help you create coherent assignments and dissertations that are of exceptional quality.

6. Benefits for Podcasters and Radio Broadcasters

If you are wondering why you should transcribe your podcast or radio broadcast, start by thinking that the easiest way to find something on the Internet (any kind of multimedia - audio, video, images) is text. Search engines always work better with text as opposed to audio. The advantage is that having a transcription allows search engines to index your content with the available text. So, since web searches are text-based, a transcription will open up new opportunities for the user, meaning that you’ll be able to easily edit your content into articles, presentations, blog posts, articles, presentations, and even books.

The reasons to use transcription tools are plenty. Transcription tools can really make your life easier. It does not matter whether you are in a corporate job, a student, a podcaster, or broadcaster, you can benefit from transcription tools like Audext. It is time to start using such tools to your advantage rather than underestimating their power.

Guest Blog Author: Katrin Garrison

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