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Beastie Boys Release 12 Rarities For 15th Anniversary of 'To the 5 Boroughs'

The Beastie Boys released their LP To the 5 Boroughs on this day in 2004. To commemorate the 15th anniversary, they have released a dozen rarities from the LP, including B-sides, remixes, and more.

On Twitter, the Beastie Boys wrote, “Hello everybody – To the 5 Boroughs came out 15 years ago today. For the occasion, twelve rare tracks have just been released digitally in addition to the original 15 songs on the album.”

Most of the newly released rare tracks, including “Rizzle Rizzle Nizzle Nizzle,” “MTL Reppin’ For The 514,” “Brrr Stick Em,” and Just Blaze’s remix of “Ch-Check It Out,” were previously only available as b-sides on CD singles.

The 12 tracks come as part of the album's digital deluxe edition, which includes the entire original record as well.

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Article image: Beastie Boys' mural at Wolfnights--98 Rivington, where the album cover photo for "Paul's Boutique" was taken. (Eden, Janine and Jim [CC BY 2.0] via Flickr.)

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