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"Almost Famous" Adapting Into Stage Musical

Oscar-winning movie "Almost Famous" is being reworked into a musical that may end up on Broadway. Written and directed by Cameron Crow and released in 2000, the movie stars Billy Crudup, Frances McDormand, Kate Hudson, and Patrick Fugit. Crowe was a teenage journalist for Rolling Stone in the 1970s and loosely based the movie on his experiences.

Crowe was awarded with an Oscar for his work on the screenplay.

The writer and director recently teased the project on Twitter with a video of Tom Kitt, a composer, performing on the piano. The video panned to the left, showing a storyboard for the musical.

Along with Kitt ("American Idiot," "Next to Normal") as composer, Jeremy Herrin ("People, Places and Things") has been pinned to direct the show. Crowe will write the book and work with Kitt on lyrics.

As of yet, no additional information is available on where or when the musical will premiere.

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