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BANKS Releases New Single 'Holding Back' & Announces Upcoming Album 'Serpentina'

American singer-songwriter BANKS has released a new single entitled “Holding Back.” Alongside that release, she's also announced her upcoming album, Serpentina, which is due out April 8.

Serpentina is BANKS fourth studio album and will include 13 tracks. According to a press release, the album name comes from BANKS herself, stemming from doodles of the word “Serpentine” in her notebooks.

Commenting on the meaning behind the title, BANKS said, “Snakes represent rebirth and the shedding of one’s skin. They just move on, and I think that’s what life is about. Changing and transforming, with a little bit of danger, but also smooth and silky. It just felt like the perfect representation. This album feels regal to me, but also my most human ever.”

According to Rolling Stone, BANKS describes Serpentina as holding both an airy brightness new to her sound, but also a heavy “beast underneath it.” It also comes from a place of confidence within BANKS. “I feel like nothing can touch me,” she told Rolling Stone. “Like a serpent queen, once you shed your skin you have to keep moving and just be present in the new skin you’re in. That’s what happened to me.”

BANKS worked on Serpentina during the COVID-19 lockdown, where she utilized the isolation to really focus on the music: writing lyrics, co-producing, and “falling in love” again with the music-making process. As she explained, as opposed to sending music to her management for approval and advice, this time she operated under the mentality of “This is what it’s gonna be.”

In other BANKS news, the singer released a dark music video for “The Devil” in June 2021. That track as well as the previously released "Skinnydipped" will be included on the album.

Pre-order Serpentina here.

Listen to "Holding Back" below.

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Article Image: Jillian Rose Banks, a.k.a. BANKS, attending the CHANEL Paris-Salzburg Metiers d'Art Show and Party in 2015. (Debby Wong via Shutterstock.)

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