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Leikeli47 Announces New Album 'Shape Up' & Shares New Song 'BITM'

Brooklyn rapper Leikeli47 is back and has announced a new album: Shape Up, set to drop on April 15.

Executive produced by Harold Lilly, Shape Up is the third album in Leikeli47’s discography. In a press release, she said the album sees her “finally walking into the confidence [she] always pretended to have.” She added, “I’m happy to say I’m here. It took work, it takes work, and that’s what Shape Up is about.”

Shape Up follows her 2017 debut Wash & Set and 2018's Acrylic. The new album will include the previously released track “Chitty Bang.”

But that's not all the good news Leikeli47 is giving: she's also released a dance-ready track called "BITM" (short for "B---h I'm the Man"), which features her trademark edge and unique flow. The music video that accompanies the single shows Leikeli47 voguing with others at the OTA Ball and performing at a recent concert in Brooklyn.

Watch the "BITM" music video below.

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Article Image: Still of Leikeli47 performing at a concert in her "BITM" music video. (Leikeli47 via YouTube.)

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