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Making the Most of Your Radio Station Profile

Your station profile page on Live365 conveys important information to your listeners. Not only can your audience listen to your station on this page, but they can gain insight into what your station is about before even listening.

The station profile page displays your station’s name, logo, cover art, genres, links to social media pages, and a description of your station. Are you taking advantage of all that this page has to offer?

Station Logo

Your logo could very well be the thing that draws new listeners in to your station from the Live365 search results page. A logo that is both eye-catching and visually appealing could cause a user to click on your station and give it a listen.

In order for your logo to appear as clear as possible on your Live365 station profile (and the Live365 station directory and pop-out player), it should be 300 pixels wide by 300 pixels high. The most important thing to remember about your logo is it should be square.

For more information about logos, see our article here.

Station Name

A good station name, like a good logo, is catchy and memorable. Repeat listeners can search for your station in the Live365 directory by typing in the name.

The best part? Naming your station is totally up to you! You can be as creative or as straight-to-the-point as you want. However, for your Live365 station profile, the name should be no longer than 40 characters.

Keep in mind that when selecting a station name, you want the name to be unique, but still straightforward and simple enough to be understood. An over-complicated name can make it difficult for new listeners to find your station and for loyal listeners to listen via voice assistant devices, such as Amazon Alexa.

Read more about choosing a radio station name here.


You can select up to five genres for your station. Accurate genres will direct the appropriate audience to your station when they search “rock,” “rap,” “comedy,” etc. in our directory. Adding as many genres as applicable will help your listeners get a better idea of the style of music or talk you’re playing.

Cover Art

Cover art will help make your station stand out, and once again, should be visually appealing. It shows up in both the station profile and the pop-out player. You can upload your own cover art (960 pixels wide by 342 pixels high) or you can select from the cover art options we have made available to you.

To find out more about having appealing images, such as cover art and a logo, on your station profile page, see our article here.

Social Media Links

Including your station’s website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages in your profile is a great way to direct your listeners to interact with you and grow your fan base. If you don’t have a website or social media links, no worries. If you don’t input any information in this section when asked, the link icons simply won’t show up. However, we would like to encourage you to create social media accounts for your station. Social media is a really vital tool for promoting your station, so if you would like to grow your audience, we highly recommend utilizing social media!

For more information about using social media to promote your station, see our articles entitled Social Media for Radio Stations: How to Optimize Your Accounts and Using Social Media to Promote Your Station.

Station Description

Here’s your chance to hook your audience before they listen! Filling in the station description box is really important for making sure that listeners have a great first impression. Having a blank description box, or a box with incomplete, mistake-ridden information will contribute to a negative first impression. Write whatever you think will entice a user to listen. Not sure what to write? You can elaborate on the genres your station plays, highlight your favorite artists, describe special segments, or even let your listeners know a little bit about yourself and where you’re from.

Learn more about crafting radio station descriptions here.

Whatever you decide to do with your station profile page, remember that the 6 elements to your page are all crucial and are all equally one-sixth of a listener's decision to tune in. So, any one of the elements could make or break the first impression. That is why it is important to fill out your page completely and keep it up to date. You can update your station profile at any point! If you’d like to make some changes, use the Live365 interface’s navigation bar and click on the Settings tab > Station Settings. Read more about your station settings here.

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