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Genres on the Station Profile Page: What's Their Significance?

Your station profile page on Live365 conveys several pieces of information that are essential to your listeners, one of which is the type of programming that can be heard on your station. While genres aren't everything, they are important for branding and marketing purposes. Why? Let's talk about it.

As a broadcaster, you might place genres as the centerpiece of your station, or you may gravitate away from genres and find them nonessential to your variety station. The importance of genres on your station is totally up to you, and there is no one right way to program, brand, and market your station. However, regardless of your station's specific relationship with genres, they are still crucial for branding.

Genres may never truly capture what your station is, but they are one of the most powerful ways to brand your station. Genres are listed on your station profile page and provide organization to the Live365 directory as well as other directories. So, for those reasons, genres are really key to discoverability. Not only that, but many listeners generally look to genres to get a quick synopsis of a station to decide whether to tune in or not. That means genres are naturally influential when it comes to growing your audience, even if genres are not your intended point of focus.

Outside of the importance of genres to listeners, genres that you list on your station profile page could be a source of information for promotional opportunities, whether that be on social media, at events, on websites, or otherwise. For example, Live365 may want to feature your station in an ad on social media, but without complete and accurate genres (as well as a station description and logo), it may not be possible to include your station in an ad. Ultimately, genres are important, even if they feel restrictive.

With Live365, you can list up to 5 genres on your station, and the station description area is open to include more if you'd like. (If you do not see a genre you need and you’d like to have it included in the directory, email the Solutions team at While the 5 genres that you list may not give the full picture of your station, they will give a needed glimpse that could make all the difference when it comes to branding and marketing. So, don't forget to take some time to not only add genres to your station profile page, but select accurate ones that really reflect your programming to the best of your ability.

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