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Center Stage on Live365: 24/7 The Gig

Center Stage on Live365 this week is 24/7 The Gig - "Music Chattanooga Wants!" We spoke with station manager Josh Weber about their history with radio, their station's programming, and we got some music recommendations. Check out the interview below!

What made you get started in radio?

I spent over 15 years in the FM radio business and loved every second of it. Unfortunately, the decline in listeners and opportunities over the last 10 years have been hard to ignore. I chose to bring my expertise and love for this business to a new medium and disrupt the current market with an out-of-the-box approach that will incorporate new technology while staying true to the aspects of radio that listeners always love.

What brought you to Live365?

Live365 just makes things easy! From analytics to licensing they take care of it all and it is super easy to use so we can use our talents where we are meant to...programming!

What's your favorite part about running your own radio station?

The autonomy of it all. I am a creative at heart and thrive on entertaining the masses via our medium. There is never a dull moment, and having the ability to craft something that people find informative and entertaining is the name of the game. Not to mention, we have all worked for that stifling PD that makes radio life a living hell. That always encourages me to strive to make our station a fun experience for anyone that has a hand in it, and you can hear that joy through the speakers.

Tell us about your station's programming. What can listeners expect when they tune in to your station?

It is incredible that my generation is not served on the radio. I am 33 years old and you can't find a station that caters to what my age range enjoys listening to. We are too young for oldies, and too old for top 40. On 24/7 The Gig, you will hear the songs that shaped our generation. Our format is 1990-2004 pop/rock/alternative and there's an anthem for everyone that listened to mainstream music in that timeframe. We have spent countless hours cultivating a library that has something for everyone!

Name one artist that you play on your station that is underrated in your opinion.

Are you kidding me?! I can't name just one!

What's your favorite music memory/moment?

Music has always been a huge part of my life. It's hard to narrow things down to just one favorite experience as a part of this business, but if I absolutely have to it would be receiving the invitation to participate as a host at CMA Music Fest 2014.

Please list your top 5 or 10 songs.

Switching it up and giving some artist selections:

And that's just the beginning!

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