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Choosing the Right Live365 Broadcast Package

Whether you’re thinking about joining Live365 or upgrading your station, there are two main factors to compare when deciding on which broadcast package to choose: storage space and total listening hours.

Storage Space
How many tracks would you like to upload to your library? There’s some math involved here, but we’ll try to keep it simple.

The rule of thumb is one minute of audio content is equal to about 1 Megabyte (Mb). One Gigabyte (Gb) is equal to 1,000 Mb (or approximately 1,000 minutes of audio content). All Live365 Broadcast Packages come with a bandwidth of 128 kilobytes per second (kbps). For the sake of easy math, let’s assume the average song length is four minutes. (Of course there are genres like Punk in which songs can be as short as two minutes and Pink Floyd’s “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” is upwards of 26 minutes long.)

Broadcast Package 1 includes 25Gb of storage. This is equal to 25,000Mb or 25,000 minutes of audio content. 25,000 minutes available / 4 minutes per song = 6,250 songs at 128kbps.

Broadcast Package 2 includes 50Gb of storage, equal to 50,000Mb or 50,000 minutes of audio content. 50,000 minutes available / 4 minutes per song = 12,500 songs at 128kbps.

Broadcast Package 3 includes 100Gb of storage, equal to 100,000Mb or 100,000 minutes of audio content. 100,000 minutes available / 4 minutes per song = 25,000 songs at 128kbps.

Total Listening Hours
Total listening hours (TLH) is the amount of time your station stream is listened to by all of your listeners in total. Live365 provides you with different levels of TLH per month to choose for your station. If you choose a package with a lower TLH and appear to near your monthly cap, our system will notify you giving you the option to take your station offline. However, if you choose to keep your station “on air” and you hit your TLH cap, you’ll get bumped up to the next package.

If you currently have a station with Live365, you can find your TLH in the dashboard.

To figure out basic TLH, we need to do some more math: (Number of Listeners x Average Minutes Listened) ÷ Minutes in an Hour = Total Listening Hours. This can vary greatly depending on the number of listeners your station gets and how long each listener tunes in, so examples below are just approximate.

Broadcast Package 1 comes with 1,500 TLH. This is approximately 50 listeners tuning in to your station per day for one month (30 days) for one hour (60 minutes) each.

Broadcast Package 2 comes with 3,500 TLH. With this package, you can average 115 daily listeners tuning in for one hour each per month.

Broadcast Package 3 comes with 7,000 TLH. With this package you can average about 230 daily listeners tuning in for one hour each per month.

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