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Creating Fall Playlists for Your Radio Station

Fall is here! You know what that means: pumpkin spice, apple picking, breaking out those flannel shirts, and creating special fall playlists for your listeners.

Fall is a season with tons of social and environmental changes. The weather gets cooler, school goes back in session, the days slowly get darker, and leaves change color. With all these shifts come listening habit changes, too.

According to Push.FM, a study into college student listening habits showed participating students began to ditch electronic, dance, and party music common in summertime playlists once the cooler months rolled around. Instead, they favored blues, jazz, and folk music: genres a bit more "chill" in nature.

So what does this mean for your radio station in the fall? Well, if you're looking to appeal to certain listeners, it might be a good idea to add cozier and more comforting tracks into your playlists this autumn. Think warm blankets, hot cider, and tiny pumpkins.

While it's still common for folks to do outdoor activities during the fall, more people tend to relax inside. Give your listeners a soundtrack that compliments more laid-back activities. Slower, quieter, and deeper songs are the way to go.

Struggling with inspiration for your fall playlist? Below we've compiled some subgenres and delightful fall-appropriate songs to help you brainstorm and get started!

Fall Playlist Subgenres

Not only are there two great holidays in the fall you can make playlists for, but there are certain instruments and sounds that compliment autumn's red, yellow, orange, and brown leaves well. Here are some common fall playlist subgenres you should know about:

Acoustic Jams - Whether they fall into the blues, pop, folk, or even alternative music genres, people ditch the heavy electronic guitars for softer strings in the fall. Find some of your favorite acoustic tunes and compile them into an easy-to-listen-to playlist!

Piano Music - You can find classical, jazz, blues, and even some pop songs that make use of piano keys. Find piano music more on the slow, introspective side, and you can craft a playlist perfect for the fall.

Study Playlists - With the fall comes more students back in school, so why not make a nifty playlist to help them study? Stick to those acoustic and piano songs mentioned above as well as lo-fi beats to help your listeners focus on their work. Instrumentals help the best. The less distracting and complex a song is, the better it fits for studying!

Halloween Playlists - With fall comes spooky season, so don't be afraid to make some boo-tiful Halloween playlists come October! There are plenty of classic Halloween-themed songs like "The Monster Mash," "Somebody's Watching Me," and "Thriller" to spice up your next party. You could also take a more avant-garde approach and make Halloween playlists filled only with songs from horror movies, or more indie tunes that just have a creepy vibe. Have fun with it! (And for some more Halloween song recommendations, check out this article!)

Dark Academia - Dark Academia is a newer aesthetic that seems to grow in popularity during the colder months. It's typically associated with reading and studying. With darker days in the fall and winter - as well as the eeriness of Halloween - it's no wonder these kinds of playlists get more love in the fall. Classical music is the main ingredient in your typical Dark Academia playlist. Find your favorite Beethoven, Chopin, and Debussy songs and put them in the mix.

Thanksgiving Playlists - Besides Halloween, there's also Thanksgiving to look forward to! While there aren't too many Thanksgiving-themed songs out there, you can get creative with these kinds of playlists. Craft a mix made for eating turkey at the table, getting pumped for the big football game, or for that workout after dinner when you and your family are walking off all the food. (You can check out these Thanksgiving song recommendations to get started on your new playlist!)

Fall Song Suggestions

Here are Live365's picks for some popular autumn-esque songs you should consider adding into your next fall playlist!

We hope you enjoyed this little guide and may your fall be filled with comfort, cheer, and good music. Happy broadcasting and listening!

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