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Creating Third-Party Advertisements on Live365

Recently, we announced that all revenue restrictions have been removed from the Live365 packages for all U.S.-based broadcasters! This means that all Live365 customers in the United States, across packages, are free to run their own radio advertisements and sponsorships now.

Note that currently, the revenue restrictions are lifted for U.S.-based broadcasters only, but Live365 is looking into options to remove revenue restrictions for U.K. and Canada-based broadcasters as well.

With that said, there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to running third-party advertisements on your Live365 station.

  • In terms of metadata for third-party ads: Use the metadata tag “Ad Break” in the “ARTIST” field of the track to denote your ads.

  • In terms of Live365 advertising: If you are on a "With Ads" Live365 package, then you must continue inserting 4 minutes of our ads for every hour as per the terms of enrolling in a "With Ads" package.

  • In terms of frequency of third-party ads: You can play ads of your own as frequently as you want and they can be of any length as long as the metadata is correct according to our specifications.

Aside from using the tag “Ad Break” in the “ARTIST” field and continuing to insert 4 minutes of our ads when on a "With Ads" package, all U.S.-based broadcasters are free to run their own advertisements however they see fit for their station. We're really excited to finally be able to allow our broadcasters to generate revenue in new ways and we can't wait to see the creativity and quality content that comes of it!

Have more questions? See our FAQ on the topic here.

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