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Live365 Lifts Revenue Restrictions from Its Packages for All U.S.-Based Broadcasters


Pittsburgh, Pa. (October 22, 2020) -- Live365 is pleased to announce that it has officially removed all revenue restrictions from the Live365 packages for all U.S.-based broadcasters.

Previously, revenue generation was limited to Live365 advertising only. The removal of these restrictions now allows for all U.S.-based broadcasters to run their own advertisements and sponsorships on any Live365 package.

“It has been a long time coming, but we have officially removed restrictions on revenue generation by Live365 Broadcasters. Due to certain agreements that were in place, we previously had to limit revenue generation in audio to Live365 advertising only. Now, U.S.-based Live365 Broadcasters can sell ads and generate revenue how they see fit with no restrictions,” said Jason Stoddard, Live365’s General Manager. “The hard work involved in negotiating the removal of these restrictions is indicative of how dedicated Live365 is to innovating and creating an environment that allows small webcasters to flourish.”

Currently, the revenue restrictions are lifted for U.S.-based broadcasters only, but Live365 is looking into options to remove revenue restrictions for U.K. and Canada-based broadcasters as well.

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Since the original Live365’s inception in 1999, the company has been innovating the internet radio and broadcasting space. The new Live365 radio network features hundreds of genres of diverse music and talk curated and programmed by real humans. Live365’s end-to-end broadcast platform enables individuals and organizations alike by giving them a voice to reach audiences through easy-to-use tools and services, as well as fully compliant licensing coverage and monetization options.

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