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Effective vs. Ineffective Radio Station Descriptions

While we've discussed how to write engaging descriptions of your radio station before, we know that it can certainly still be challenging to come up with something. So, that's why we decided to take it one step further and show you some examples of descriptions that are generally effective as well as ineffective. Check them out below!

Note that parentheses or ellipsis (...) indicate where you would insert information about your specific station. Also, there are endless variations of a description, so you can and should swap elements in and out to fit your station as well as customize the vocabulary to match your preferred slang and how you speak.


"(Station Name) plays a mix of (genres) with the goal of (insert your mission)!"

"Broadcasting from (location), (Station Name) plays only the best (genres), ranging from the (decade) to the (decade). You'll hear legends like..."

"With the passion for (genre or your mission), (Station Name) launched in (year). Since then, we've been curating the perfect playlists for your work out (or insert another activity), no matter the time of day!"

"Featuring some of the newest and hottest (genre) artists as well as the legends, you can trust that (Station Name) is your #1 spot for (genre) music 24/7!"

"Check out (Station Name) for tunes from the (decades) with segments like..."

"Broadcasting since (year), (Station Name) has been providing the best mix of (genre) music for (number) years. (Station Name) is dedicated to providing the biggest hits as well as the deep cuts, so the mix is always unlike anything you've ever heard!"

"Featuring (on-air host), (Station Name) offers up in-depth discussions on current events (or insert your talk programming) as well as your favorite artists, such as..."

"In search of music for your work day (or insert another activity)? Look no further than (Station Name)! We've got (genre) on tap all day everyday, making us the perfect work day (or insert another activity) companion!"

"Chill out (or insert another activity/mood) with (Station Name)! We play a 24/7 mix of (genres), bringing you the perfect vibe to relax to (or insert another activity)."

"Need some (genre) in your life? Tune into (Station Name) for your fix! You can also catch us live at..."

"Get back to the good old days, like driving around town worry-free with your friends, with (Station Name)! We play (genre) hits from the (decade) to take you down memory lane."

"If it's from (location), (Station Name) plays it! We've got all the best (genres) tracks from (location) artists, including..."

"(Station Name) plays a blend of (genres) to boost your mood and creativity (or insert your mission)!"

It's important to note that effective radio station descriptions can play off of your radio station name. In fact, these kinds of descriptions are often the most engaging because they are so unique. So, take some time to brainstorm to see if you can come up with the perfect custom description!

Also, aside from mentioning things like genres, artists, moods, activities, sounds, vibes, memories, decades, your mission, etc., your description is a great place to promote live shows or any special programming you do, so don't forget to add those in as well as their times (with the time zone denoted)!


"(Station Name) is the best (genre) station out there!"

"Check out (Station Name), we play the hottest (genre) hits and more."

"We play a top-notch mix of (genres)!"

"(Station Name) is the #1 spot for (genre)!"

"Tune into (Station Name), where we play independent as well as mainstream (genre) artists from around the world."

"(Station Name) is music for everybody! You name it, we play it."

"For (genres) music all day everyday, listen to (Station Name)!"

Please note that these descriptions may not be completely ineffective, but they are typically ineffective when they are your entire description. When these short generic sentences stand alone as your description, they do not help with differentiation and your branding generally. If you do a search for another station within your genre, it's highly likely that you'll see short descriptions like these, meaning they are not unique and therefore not very engaging.

With the above examples in mind, please remember that while descriptions that are a few sentences long are the most detailed and can be pretty effective, if your description is more than 2-3 short to medium long sentences, it may be too long and lose its effectiveness. This is why having a short sentence like "(Station Name) plays the perfect mix of (genres) hits" as well as a longer, more detailed and customized sentence may be an optimal description for many stations. You are giving the quick description while providing a little more detail to stand out from the crowd.

So, there you have it - some examples of generally effective and ineffective station descriptions. Of course, no one description is perfect, but these examples provide a great baseline for what's unique and engaging as opposed to extremely common and maybe not so eye-catching. And, with so many other radio stations out there as well as other entertainment options, you've got to stand out however you can.

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