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George Harrison’s 'My Sweet Lord' Music Video Gets Star-Studded Update

George Harrison's album All Things Must Pass is celebrating its 50th anniversary. To add to the festivities, Harrison's team has uploaded a star-studded new music video for his hit song "My Sweet Lord."

Directed by Lance Bangs, it features Fred Armisen and Vanessa Bayer as secret agents in California on an assignment from Mark Hamill. The video also features Ringo Starr as an angry movie-goer, Jeff Lynne, Dhani and Olivia Harrison, “Weird Al” Yankovic, Jon Hamm, Tim & Eric, Patton Oswalt, Taika Waititi, Reggie Watts, Darren Criss, Tom Scharpling, Paul Scheer, Garfunkel and Oates, Shepard Fairey, and more.

Before the 50th anniversary visual, the closest thing "My Sweet Lord" had to a music video was a lyric video released by Harrison's team in 2016. It simply showed a mixer in a recording studio. At the time of this article's publication, the new music video is currently the #2 trending video on YouTube.

The 50th anniversary of All Things Must Pass is being celebrated with a suite of new releases including an updated mix of the classic solo album by Grammy Award-winning mixer/engineer Paul Hicks, overseen by executive producer Dhani Harrison. You can buy or stream the new edition here.

The 50th anniversary Uber Deluxe Edition of All Things Must Pass recently received a nomination for Best Boxed or Special Limited Edition Package for the upcoming Grammy Awards, which are set for January 31.

Watch the new "My Sweet Lord" video below.

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Article Image: A still of Fred Armisen shining a flashlight over a circle of books in the new "My Sweet Lord" music video. (George Harrison via YouTube.)

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