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Best Places To Find Halloween Sound Clips For Your Station

Even though it's technically still summer for a few more days, we already have ghosts and ghouls on our minds (and Pumpkin Spice Lattes in our hands)!

Throwing some sound clips into your holiday jingles or promo spots can help set the tone for the season. Check out these sites for free (yes, free) spooky sound clips:

  • Ava7: Here you'll find more than 30 sound effects: owls, howls, cackles, and screams are just a few!
  • Halloween.It: Here you'll find your typical Halloween sounds, like a laughing witch or a bubbling cauldron. My personal favorite? Howling wind.
  • NASA: Yeah... That NASA! Outer space can be pretty spooky, and there are definitely some creepy sound clips available to download here. "Saturn Radio Emissions #2" sounds like something you might hear in the Upside Down.
  • SoundBible: These sound effects are sure to send shivers up your back! There are more than 70 clips to choose from.

Need help creating some spooky spots for your station? Check out this article: Radio Sweepers, Jingles, and IDs.

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