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How to Set Up a Podcast Studio

When you decide that you are going to start your first podcast, your next thought might be that you need a space to record your podcast. Of course, you can create a podcast setup that is pretty mobile, but having a podcast studio that is always set up makes podcasting that much more enjoyable for you. So, check out our guide to setting up your own podcast studio below.

Now, of course the equipment is the primary concern when setting up your studio. Thinking about the space and ambience that you need to create the best podcast possible is also important though. However, if you want to skip the space and ambience part and get right to the equipment, check out our full guide on podcast equipment here.

The Space

Thinking about the space that you need for your podcast helps you figure out what equipment to get. On the other hand, you may have space restrictions, which will also direct the equipment that you get. Whatever space that you have access to for a podcast studio, select the most optimal area, measure it, and decide how much of it you need to occupy to be comfortable podcasting. You may have several options for a studio area or you may only have one. Additionally, you may have a smaller space that you need to totally occupy or you may have a larger space that you will only need a section of. Decide what space you are able to use as well as how you can comfortably occupy that space while podcasting. Once you have a space that works, you can then decide if you need to purchase a desk, chair, or any other furniture to put your equipment on. You may already have a desk and chair or you may not need them because of preferences or space restrictions. Remember, this is your podcast studio, so you know best what kind of space you need. Once you have all of the necessary furniture, you can then begin to fill your space with podcast equipment!

The Equipment

For all the information about equipment that you need to start your podcast, check out our Podcast Equipment Guide for Beginners.

The Ambience

The atmosphere of your podcast studio is also an important part of creating the best podcast possible. Acoustic treatments, lights, decorations, air fresheners, and incense are just some examples of things that you might consider to create the right ambience for your podcast studio. You may need a totally clear area to record your podcast or you may want to have these kinds of decorative things to create an environment that feels best for recording. Some people feel more creative with a certain ambience, so think about what kind of atmosphere helps you be the best podcaster you can be.

Setting up your podcast studio requires you to create a space that works for you. You may need a full studio set up in order to record your podcast, or you may only need the basics and some mobile equipment so that you can podcast wherever you choose. Whatever works best for you is what your podcast studio should be. And, just know that you can always add to or take away from your studio with your changing needs. So, see what feels best for your recording space and go with it! Happy podcasting!

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