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How to Update Your Radio Directory Listings

If you are just moving to the Live365 platform from another platform, it is important that you update your existing radio directory listings. While it may seem like a low priority task, updating your directory listings is an important part of ensuring you are properly covered by Live365's licensing.

You will have to update any listings on directories that you have submitted to before joining Live365 to your Live365 stream. Since Live365 streams are licensed, it is extremely crucial that your directory listings use your Live365 stream to ensure compliance with our licensing.

In order to update your directory listings, navigate to each directory in which you are already listed in, and submit your new Live365 stream URL. With some directories, you may have created an account where you can simply update your URL. In other instances, you may have to create a whole new submission and note that you have a listing that you need to replace.

See our article entitled Online Radio Directories to find a list of radio directories, links to submit to them, as well as directions to submit.

For more information on submitting your station and updating your listings on directories, see this article.

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