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Keeping Your Radio Audience Updated

As a radio broadcaster, you want to make sure you are not only in touch with your audience, but keeping them updated on what's going on with your station. As you switch up your programming, whether it be for a holiday, just to keep things fresh, or for any other reason, it's vital that you let your audience know so they are in the loop. You never want any of your listeners to be in the dark and have an incorrect expectation because that can quickly turn listeners away. But, you can't just mention the changes once, you've got to let your audience know at every point of contact possible to ensure the message gets to all of your listeners.

When you switch up your programming, there are a variety of ways that you can let listeners know. The basics are letting listeners know by telling them on your radio broadcasts, creating new promos that announce the programming, and updating the "About" section on your station profile page to include current information about your programming. At the very least, you should make sure to mention the updates during your radio events and in the "About" section. Providing the programming updates this way allows your loyal listeners who are frequently tuned in to learn about what's going on, while placing the information in the "About" section makes the updates available to everyone at all times, both loyal and new listeners alike.

Some other great ways to update your audience are through social media, your website, and email. Writing a simple post about your new programming and throwing it up on whatever social media you have, whether it be Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram, is quick and easy and informs your loyal listeners about what's going on. You can also reuse that post on your website and in an email to ensure that no matter where your listeners are looking, they are seeing the most current information possible. If you would like to go into more detail about your new programming, you can even write a blog article on your website and link to it in your social posts.

While it may seem like a back-burner item to update your audience on your programming, it is more vital than you think. Listeners like to know what's going on and to have accurate expectations, meaning audience updates are really important. However you update your audience on what's currently going on with your station is really up to you. Just note that you should make sure that you deliver the updates in several different ways, preferably at every single point of contact you have with your listeners.

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