Broadcaster, Broadcasting, Powered by Live365, Publishes White Paper on Digital Evolution of Radio – one of the thousands of radio stations powered by Live365 – has published a white paper on the digital evolution of radio, including a look at the model of KEWL Media, Inc., which has developed and currently runs two internet radio stations: and The Country Blend.

Called Adopting to the Radio Transition Era: One Company's Approach, the piece details challenges faced within the broadcasting industry, the growth of streaming and podcasting, and the way in which KEWL Media, Inc. navigates this environment with their stations.

Among the more traditional radio challenges of changing consumer behavior, industry consolidation, AI, financial constraints, and more, KEWL Media offers their approach on radio – with internet radio's technology, borderless nature, and accessibility, and podcasting's transformative storytelling and consumption in mind.

General Manager of KEWL Media David Moss writes, "By leveraging a global talent pool, adopting a decentralized broadcasting setup, and introducing an innovative incentive system, and The Country Blend have demonstrated one model that can help to redefine the concept of radio for the modern age."

Moss continues, "While KEWL Media’s model has shown some level of success in addressing these challenges, the journey ahead involves overcoming obstacles related to monetization, growth, and sustainability...As technology advances and new possibilities emerge, the lessons and insights from this model can serve as a guide for future endeavors in reshaping the way we experience and engage with radio content."

Read the full white paper here.

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