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Live365 Offers Virtual Machine + StationPlaylist Add-On

Make your station even more pro with less effort!

Our Virtual Machine is professionally set up with StationPlaylist included so you always have a reliable broadcasting environment with advanced programming software at your fingertips.

With the Virtual Machine (VM) you will have:

  • your own dedicated broadcasting computer, via the VM, that you can easily access from anywhere. No need to use your own or purchase and maintain a computer for your station.
  • reliable internet connection at all times. Your station, via the VM, sits directly in a datacenter where the internet service providers live. No need to rely on shaky (and shared) home or business internet connections.

StationPlaylist provides you with advanced tools for dynamic programming, including:

  • professional automation and scheduling and playlist management
  • the same type of digital sound processing (DSP) that FM stations use for their signature sound
  • licenses that allow up to 5 DJs from anywhere in the world to voice track their shows


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The Details:

  • Installed with Windows
  • Includes StationPlaylist Creator Pro, Studio Pro, Sound Solution (DSP), Remote Voice Tracking Standard, Encoder, and FileZilla Server
  • Fully implemented with Support team assistance from Live365 & StationPlaylist
  • Use your own mouse, keyboard, and monitor to operate and program your station in a different computing environment
  • Only $75/month*

*Add-on fee in addition to package cost

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