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Live365 Expands Broadcast Packages with More Features

Improved package features incoming (at no additional cost)!

Each and every standard Live365 broadcast package has received improved analytics, and custom Alexa skills and mobile apps are now included in even more packages.

Broadcast 2 (BC2) now bundles a custom Alexa skill, while Broadcast 3 (BC3) includes a custom Alexa skill as well as a mobile app.

Package features, summarized (updated May 2024)

Improved Analytics

Now make more informed station decisions with improved realtime and historical analytics within your Live365 dashboard.

Basic (BC1 and above)

  • Listeners map, to visualize overall where your listeners are in realtime
  • Drilldown by region, to get a closer look where your listeners are in a table format
  • Enhanced listener chart, to give you more insights about your historical listeners
  • Export csv, to give you the power over your listener data

Advanced (BC2 and above)

  • Breakout by devices and platforms, to understand where you’re reaching listeners

Pro (BC3 and above)

  • Dayparting filter, to analyze listener data based on your programming schedule
  • Advanced historical analytics reports, to filter your listener data to your specific needs

Learn more.

Custom Alexa Skill & Mobile App (iOS & Android)

Easier ways for your station’s fans to listen.
(Alexa skill bundled in BC2+ and mobile app bundled in BC3+)

Example app & Alexa skill

Custom Alexa skills and mobile apps are specific to your station, so listeners can enable your skill or download your app and tune in within seconds. The Live365 Setups team builds and deploys all skills and mobile apps, so all you need to do is share them with your audience for a seamless listening experience.

(Note: If you're a current broadcaster on BC2 or BC3, we have reached out to you via email about getting your Alexa skill and/or mobile app built.)

Of course, licensing, distribution, support, and monetization are all still built-in to every standard package. And the improvements keep coming. We’ve been building in more distribution features and partnerships to make Live365 stations accessible everywhere – most recently, our airable partnership, smart TV apps, and an improved mobile experience. More to come!

And note with our premium packages (BC4 and BC5), the Pro analytics and custom Alexa skill and mobile app come in addition, and at no additional cost, to existing premium package features:

Read our release notes.

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