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Live365's 'History of Radio' Featured on Colin Murray's BBC Radio 5 Live Show

Every now and then, we post a History of Radio article onto the Live365 blog. The series covers many topics: from the story of the first radio station to the creation of Top 40 broadcasting and the invention of microphones. We're pleased to share that on Wednesday, October 4, Live365's History of Radio was featured on BBC Radio 5 Live!

During the late night broadcast, BBC's Colin Murray interviewed Live365 content writer Kathryn Milewski for his "Midnight In America" segment. The interview was conducted to celebrate the anniversary of the first radio-broadcasted World Series game, which happened on October 5, 1921.

Milewski's History of Radio piece How Did Sports Radio Broadcasting Begin? served as the source material for the interview. Murray asked Milewski questions about the first-ever sports radio broadcast, the epic Ray vs. Dundee boxing match, how baseball got onto the airwaves, and if Milewski was a Yankees fan or not.

If you would like to listen to Colin Murray's full broadcast from October 4, you can do so here. The episode will remain on the BBC Radio 5 Live website for 25 more days. The interview with Milewski appears a little over two hours into the broadcast.

Listen to Colin Murray's thirteen-minute interview with Live365's Kathryn Milewski below.

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Article Image: The Live365 and BBC Radio 5 Live logos on a blue and yellow background, respectively. (Freeview Channel Guide [Available through Public Domain] via Wikimedia Commons.)

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