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Mariah Carey Launches MasterClass Course on Voice as an Instrument

Ever wanted to learn how to sing like Mariah Carey? Well, now you can! The singer is spilling the beans on her famous vocal techniques in a new MasterClass course.

Titled “Mariah Carey Teaches the Voice as an Instrument,” the course delves into Carey’s singing tips and tricks as well as pointers on songwriting and producing. “Music saved my life in many, many ways,” Carey says in the trailer for her newly launched series. “If I can do the same for other people, then that’s everything.”

The course takes place inside her mobile studio dubbed the “Butterfly Lounge.” Carey’s MasterClass syllabus includes nine different video lessons, plus a downloadable guide featuring her tips on sampling, songwriting, and producing. Classes include “Writing With Samples,” “Producing With Your Voice,” “Taking Care of Your Voice,” and “Surviving in the Music Industry.” Carey also teaches lessons on background vocals, as well as a class called “Lyricism: Write About the Realness.”

“I’m super excited to share what I’ve been working on: my first-ever class on the voice as an instrument,” Carey said on Instagram. “You’re up next, and you’re going to rock this!”

“Mariah is simply a genius,” said David Rogier, founder and CEO of MasterClass. “She’s one of the greatest artists of all time. In her class, Mariah is opening up her studio for the first time ever, teaching members how to use their voice throughout the music-making process, including in the studio and while navigating the industry.”

Besides Carey, several other famous musicians have their own courses on MasterClass. Questlove's “DJing and Musical Curation” allows users to learn his DJing skills, Alicia Keys has a “Songwriting and Producing” course, Rage Against the Machine member Tom Morello created a course all about electric guitar, and last year, Nas hit the ground running with his Masterclass on hip-hop storytelling. Additionally, Christina Aguilera is set to release her own MasterClass sometime this summer.

Carey's course is available to participate in starting today, April 14. You can sign up for MasterClass here.

See the trailer for Carey's MasterClass below.

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Article Image: Mariah Carey sits in a gold chair surrounded by greenery while talking in her MasterClass trailer. (MasterClass via YouTube.)

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