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Miley Cyrus Updates Fans on Emergency Plane Landing While En Route to Paraguay Festival

Miley Cyrus has updated fans following a terrifying mid-air incident on her way to Paraguay to perform at Asunciónico festival. The plane she was flying in had to make an emergency landing, and her performance at the festival had to be canceled as a result.

The singer posted an image of the plane she was in after it was struck by lightning while she was en route to Paraguay. “To my fans and everyone worried after hearing about my flight to Asunción. Our plane was caught in a major unexpected storm and struck by lighting,” she wrote along with a video of scary lightning strikes flashing outside the window of the aircraft. “My crew, band, friends and family who were all traveling with me are safe after an emergency landing.”

Following her update, she posted an image of what looked like a small gash in the fuselage of the plane with burn marks around it. She wrote: “We were unfortunately unable to fly into Paraguay [broken heart emoji]. I LOVE YOU.”

Commercial planes are hit by lightning about once or twice a year, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). "They are designed and built to have conducting paths through the plane to take the lightning strike and conduct the currents," the agency has stated.

A lightning strike has not caused the crash of a commercial plane in decades, but smaller and private aircrafts, which "are not required to be designed for protection from lightning," have crashed due to lightning strikes, according to the NOAA. It is not yet clear what type of plane Cyrus was flying in.

Besides Miley Cyrus' emergency landing, it seems like Mother Nature hasn't been on Asunciónico festival's side. This year's edition was to be the festival's return after two years of no festival due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, organizers were forced to cancel the event’s opening day (Tuesday, March 22) due to flooding caused by a major storm. Foo Fighters, Doja Cat, and Machine Gun Kelly were slated to play.

See Miley's tweets about the plane below.

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Article Image: Miley Cyrus singing in front of a large crowd of fans during an NBC "Today Show" concert in 2017. (everett225 via DepositPhotos.)

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