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The Music Scout (Alternative) - April 2023

Author: Jay Goldberg

Now for more marketing. The last two months I wrote about stations teaming up with indie artists; having them record a cover song with the stations paying for the mechanical licenses in exchange for a 12 month exclusive; and then featuring the song and artist on their station. I recommended purchasing 100 mechanical licenses so the station had downloads to use as
giveaways to listeners. Read the February and March blog entries for more information including how to get a discount on the admin fees.

Before I get into the specific program I will review some of the different types of advertising done by companies. First is the obvious one, to generate sales directly from the ads. Here the value proposition from radio stations is a combination of the size and demographics of their audience.

Next are ads generated for branding. Branding ads are done so that when a need arises, the potential customer will think about that company and will know what that company has to offer. As an example, think ads for dentists. It's not like someone watching the ad is going to say, you know what, I think I'll go to the dentist today. The purpose of the ad is that when a need arises, you will think of that dentist and know what that dentist stands for. Locally, there is an ad that runs often about a dental practice where they talk about affordable prices and top quality dentists from Ivy League schools.

The last type of ad I will write about are ads aimed at making existing customers feel good about the product they own so they are likely to stay with that company for future purchases. A good example here are the car companies. A car company may advertise that they are the official car of the Miami Heat in South Florida so Heat fans driving one of their cars, who are watching the ad, will feel good about driving one of their cars. This is also one of the reasons (not all) that corporations give to charities, so people using their products, again, feel good about doing business with that company. Value proposition - there are companies that want to be on the mind of; and/or be shown supporting specific listener demographics.

If you are a station that can get ads based on the first reason mentioned, excellent, and that's fairly straight forward. If not, I will mention an idea that can potentially attract advertising based on the last two (actual ads and/or sponsorship). My suggestion: a show centered on indie and small label artists, whereby tuning into the show can result in a benefit for the indie/small label artist. This will result in a specific demographic listening that will appeal to some advertisers. If during the show you play songs up for the song of the week or month; a song and artist that will be featured that week or month (value proposition: airplay, exposure and promotion material for indie/small label artists); and have ONLY people listening during the show allowed to vote; that should bring in the indie/small label artists as listeners. And remind the listeners (indie/small label artists) that only excellent songs are nominated for song of the week or month so they can use being nominated for promotions as well. In addition, having a reward above and beyond more airtime, exposure and promotion material would make winning even more valuable, increasing the odds that the indie/small label artists tune in. I will write about a way to track that only listeners vote and potential “rewards” for this show next month (including how the Marketing Co-op mentioned last month fits into this strategy).

Also, next month I'll mention the types of companies that could benefit from advertising on this type of show. Keep in mind, you can promote the upcoming indie shows on social media by listing in alphabetical order (not the order the songs will be played during the show) the names of the artists (not the names of the songs) that will be on the show and tag them in the promotions. This will help bring in the artists as listeners. You can also send out press releases, which is a topic I will cover down the line. Lastly, you can extend the reach for your advertisers by including in the social media posts and press releases that the show is being sponsored by xxxxx with a tag line either about what the company stands for (e.g. the advertiser's brand message), or something like xxxxx company is proud to support indie artists.

Now onto the music.

“Nothing Is Gonna Get You Back” by The Bel-la

Originally from New Zealand, Bella is an L.A. based songwriter, singer and guitarist who blends indie rock and ethereal vibes. Her songs have been placed on TV in the U.S. but were never available commercially, that is until now. This song is about all kinds of loss.

“I Don't Want to Go” by Phillip Foxley featuring Nachum Peterseil

Foxley, a songwriter/musician from the U.K., picked the perfect singer for this song about death coming for someone who isn't ready to die. My one comment on his excellent collection of songs titled I'll Try 'Till I Die is; shouldn't this have been the last track on the album?

“Us” by INXS

Ugh, my subconscious at work again. This is post Michael Hutchence INXS and their only album of entirely new material after his death, released in 2005. The lead singer is J. D. Fortune who won Rock Star INXS to become their new lead singer. He left the band in 2010.

“King of the Hill” by Roger McGuinn

This song from 1991 by one of the founding members and frontman of The Byrds did get airplay but I wonder how many people who stopped listening to new music let this gem get by them. I heard it on the new wave station I was listening to back then.

“Dancing Barefoot” by Patti Smith

Missed this song, which is on Rolling Stones' list of The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time? I'm not surprised. Many musicians love this song which some have called the greatest rock song of all time. U2, Simple Minds, The Mission U.K., Shakespear's Sister and others have covered this song.

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