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The Music Scout (Alternative) - July 2023

Author: Jay Goldberg

Last month I wrote about the structure and effectiveness of online press releases, especially as it pertains to branding for your radio station. Over the next few columns I will write about content for press releases. I recommend at least two per month and using at least two different press release services ( has a free service with a lot of good features inducing two free links and a free press room). This month I will list press release topics from the two marketing programs I previously wrote about and in future columns I will write about other press release topics which may or may not include marketing programs.

There has not been a very strong response to my station co-op for stations that play alternative rock, new wave, mainstream rock or adult alternative thus far. There is a lot we can do to collaborate to help member stations grow. If you are interested, send me an email at

The first marketing program I wrote about dealt with stations working with an indie artist to create a cover song whereby the station pays for 100 mechanical licenses in return for a one year exclusive (the song will only be played on your station) and the ability to give away 99 mp3s of the song in contests or to share with other stations in a station co-op. The February and March columns have more information on this program, including a site and code to use to get a discount on the license. Here is a press release strategy (each one a separate press release – the exclusivity of the arrangement should be part of each write-up):

  • Announce the collaboration between station and indie artist
  • Announce the song that is being covered
  • Announce the contest whereby listeners can win a download version of the song (including rules and how listeners can win)
  • Announce the shows on the station where the cover will be played and people can win the contest
  • Announce the day and the show for the first airplay of the song
  • Ongoing: Announce each winner of the contest and the shows where the contest will take place the following week
  • After the one year exclusive ends, announce when the indie artist releases the song for purchase
  • If co-op: other stations announce when they will be getting limited exclusivity on the song (e.g. after six months)

The second marketing program I wrote about was indie song contests. The April and May columns have more information on this program; including a write-up on the different type of ads that can benefit advertisers (especially in the case where your listener numbers are low). Here is a press release strategy (each one a separate press release):

  • Announce the start of an indie song of the (week/month), including the voting process (if co-op: announce the multi-station aspect for the winners, e.g. a $1500 promotion package from company XXXX)
  • Announce what shows the nominated songs will be played on so listeners can vote
  • Ongoing: Announce the nominated songs
  • Ongoing: Announce the winners
  • If you then have a song of the year vote for the station or for song(s) to enter the multi-station phase of the contest: Announce how it will be selected (if applicable)
  • Whether through voting or internal station process: Announce annual winner (if applicable)
  • If co-op with multi-station contest: Announce the start and rules
  • If co-op with multi-station contest: Announce ongoing contest programming
  • If co-op with multi-station contest: Announce winner (please note the winner could be 1 artist from all of the member stations or possibly, a co-op release with one winning song from each member station)

Two final important points (if you made it through to this point LOL): Whenever you write a press release that mentions an indie artist, send them a copy and ask them to email it to their fans and post it on social media. Since the press release will include how to tune into your station and the show(s) that will be playing their music (and possibly needing their vote – which is where a meaningful co-op prize adds major value), this could result in more listeners. And lastly, if you are a member of my co-op, I will write some generic press releases that other members can customize and use.

Now onto the music.

“Lovers for the Weak” by Sharam Gill

Sharam Gill live in the U.K. This song is off his album The Cautionary Tale of Cox McQueen, which is a rock opera that tells the story of a hugely successful but doomed rock star. The album has a number of excellent songs, this being my favorite.

“Lost Without You” by Blunda

Blunda is the solo project of Andy Blunda who was a touring member of the band Fastball (“The Way”) and was a member of the band Paloalto (“Breathe In” – from the movie Hellboy). This song is one of five on my station from his 2022 album Brighter Days.

“Where I Stand” by Quarterflash

Quarterflash, best known for their song "Harden My Heart," disbanded after being dropped by their label (despite having 7 Top 100 U.S. songs). They got back together and released Girl in the Wind (1991, Europe only). It's my favorite album of theirs and this is my favorite song on it.

“Heart on Fire” by Scars on 45

This song is off the band's first self-titled album. Their name comes from an Emmylou Harris interview lead singer Danny Bemrose (a former professional soccer player) heard where she talks about scratching up her dad’s records and being scolded by him for getting "Scars on his 45’s.”

“Can't Be Seen” by The Rolling Stones

The year – 1989. A funny thing happened to mainstream rock legends The Rolling Stones: WDRE, a new wave station in NY played “Mixed Emotions” from their album Steel Wheels. After buying the album, I thought this song, which fit new wave, would be the next played there. It wasn't.

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