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Top 10 Amy Winehouse Songs

We recently passed by the 8th anniversary of Amy Winehouse's death. The late singer, who tragically passed on July 23, 2011, is widely remembered for her distinctive, powerful voice that perfectly suited her mix of soul, R&B, and jazz. Winehouse uniquely brought jazz to the mainstream with her unmatched modern, yet classic jazz voice and iconic look of winged eyeliner, beehive hair, and a growing collection of tattoos.

Throughout her career, Winehouse released 2 studio albums, 1 live album, 2 compilations, and 4 EPs. Despite having a relatively small discography, Winehouse released a wealth of genius. Check out 10 of our favorite Amy Winehouse tracks below.

"Back to Black" (Back to Black, 2006)

"Stronger Than Me" (Frank, 2003)

"Valerie" (Back to Black: B-Sides, 2008)

"In My Bed" (Frank, 2003)

"October Song" (Frank, 2003)

"'Round Midnight" (Frank (B-Sides), 2008)

"You Know I'm No Good" (Back to Black, 2006)

"Tears Dry on Their Own" (Back to Black, 2006)

"Just Friends" (Back to Black, 2006)

"Love Is a Losing Game" (Back to Black, 2006)

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Article image: Amy Winehouse in 2008. (eddievanderwalt [Available through Public Domain] via Flickr.)

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