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Top 10 Santana Songs

The Woodstock 50 lineup has been announced and Santana will be performing on day 1 of the 50th anniversary celebration. Santana is one of the few artists slated to perform that also took part in the 1969 festival.

Back in mid-August 1969, the Carlos Santana-led band had only been together for 3 years and their debut album Santana had not been released yet. This time around, the American Latin rock band has 53 years of experience and 24 studio albums under their belt.

So, we decided to take a look back at Santana's lengthy career to check out their biggest hits, according to the Billboard Hot 100!

"Smooth" feat. Rob Thomas (Supernatural, 1999)
Peaked: #1 on Oct. 23, 1999

"Maria Maria" feat. The Product G&B (Supernatural, 1999)
Peaked: #1 on April 8, 2000

"Black Magic Woman" (Abraxas, 1970)
Peaked: #4 on Jan. 9, 1971

"The Game of Love" feat. Michelle Branch (Shaman, 2002)
Peaked: #5 on Nov. 30, 2002

"Why Don't You & I" feat. Alex Band (Shaman, 2002)
Peaked: #8 on Oct. 25, 2003

"Evil Ways" (Santana, 1969)
Peaked: #9 on March 21, 1970

"Everybody's Everything" (Santana III, 1971)
Peaked: #12 on Dec. 4, 1971

"Oye Como Va" (Abraxas, 1970)
Peaked: #13 on April 3, 1971

"Hold On" (Shangó, 1982)
Peaked: #15 on Oct. 23, 1982

"Winning" (Zebop!, 1981)
Peaked: #17 on July 18, 1981

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Article image: Ad for Santana's album "Santana III" that appeared in Billboard in December 1971. (Columbia Records [Available through Public Domain] via Wikimedia Commons.)

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