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Women's History Month Radio Stations 2021

March is Women's History Month, a month-long celebration highlighting and commemorating women's contributions to American history, culture, and society. To celebrate Women's History Month, check out a few of the Live365 stations showcasing just some of women's musical contributions throughout history.


MPowerHer Radio

MPowerHer Radio is created for her by her, meaning the station has been carefully created with women in mind. They want to empower and inspire women to recognize their greatness and internal power. The programs aired on MPowerHer Radio have been specifically chosen to foster success, leadership, achievement, wholeness, sisterhood, healthy body relationships, and confidence.

MPowerHer Radio Social Media: Facebook


Divas Hustle Radio

Divas Hustle Radio is a 100% independently Black woman-owned station that aims to bridge the gap between between cultural boundaries using a mix of hip hop, rap, and R&B.

Divas Hustle Radio Social Media: Facebook & Instagram



Estrogeneration plays commercial-free rock and power pop by today's best female artists.

Estrogeneration Social Media: Facebook & Twitter



KPISS.FM is a woman-owned station featuring an eclectic mix of music and talk, ranging from alternative to ambient, psychedelic to pop, folk to funk, and so much more. It's the AM radio of the internet.

KPISS.FM Social Media: Twitter & Instagram


60's Chicks Radio

Enjoy the wonderful voices of women from the 60s in several musical genres, streaming 24/7.

60's Chicks Radio Social Media: Facebook


Black Queen Broadcast

Black Queen Broadcast is bringing the Black community music and talk to empower them with knowledge on social, health, medical, and political facts and opinions. They're also dedicated to bringing awareness to domestic violence and breast cancer.

Black Queen Broadcast Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram


A Bowl of Soul A Mixed Stew of Soul Music

A Bowl of Soul A Mixed Stew of Soul Music is owned and operated by a Black woman, radio broadcaster and programmer Terry Ferguson. A Bowl of Soul not only celebrates Women's History Month, but it also highlights classic soul and new independent R&B from the women of rhythm and blues, non-stop, 365 days of the year.

A Bowl of Soul A Mixed Stew of Soul Music Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram


BLAX Radio

BLAX Radio is giving love to Women's History Month and celebrating all the great music, including jazz, soul, reggae, and hip hop, that has come from Black women all weekend long! Their "Songstresses, Jazz Queens & Femcees II" event will run Mar. 12 at 4pm ET through Mar. 15 at 3am ET.

BLAX Radio Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram

Broadcasters: If you have any programming pertaining to Women's History Month on your station and would like to be included on this list, submit your station and programming to this form!

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