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10 Songs to Play for Valentine's Day 2022

We know you're all getting ready to party this Sunday (February 13) for the Super Bowl, but don't forget about Valentine's Day the morning after! Heart-shaped boxes of chocolate, cute cards, spending the day with people you hold dear...what's not to love about a holiday all about love?

When it comes to music, Valentine's Day is a pretty easy holiday to soundtrack. Any love song will do, and we all know how much musicians enjoy making music about love! There's so much to choose from - maybe even too much. Which romantic songs would work best for an audience over the radio?

Previously, Live365 gave you a few of our favorite songs we think sound great on February 14. This time, we're updating that list with more recent tunes by popular artists that could work for your radio station. Some of these are brand new, while others have been out for less than a decade. Check out our picks below!

1. "Kiss Me More (feat. SZA)" - Doja Cat

This song feels like the sonic representation of a candy heart. "Kiss Me More" is sweet and sugary with just a dollop of spice. It never gets too piquant though - this song is all about trying out playful forms of affection rather than resorting to lust.

"Kiss Me More" was Doja Cat's first collaboration with SZA and has been a chart-dominator ever since it was released in March of 2021. It's the single that introduced us to her critically-acclaimed album Planet Her. When it comes to Doja's discography, this song is just principle!

2. "THAT'S WHAT I WANT" - Lil Nas X

For all the single folk out there wishing they had a valentine, this Lil Nas X might echo the desire they're feeling. From his hit album Montero, "THAT'S WHAT I WANT" is a bouncy track that's deep in theme, but never feels too dark. In fact, there's a bit of hope to it.

“THATS WHAT I WANT” was the last single Lil Nas X released from his debut studio album, and debuted at #10 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart, during the week ending October 2.

3. "My Universe (feat. BTS)" - Coldplay

Two great acts, one astronomical love song! "My Universe" was released back in September 2021. Although it's about the difficulties that may come between partners, it's full of joy and light. If anything, it's about how challenges for lovers can ultimately make the relationship stronger in the end.

The song was originally written for BTS by both the Korean boy band and Coldplay, then Coldplay decided to join in on the track despite the unconventional combination. It worked out well, and "My Universe" debuted at #1 on both the Billboard Hot 100. You'll go starry-eyed for Chris Martin and Jung Kook's duet in the pre-chorus after the bridge!

4. "I Love You So" - The Walters

This cute ditty may have come out back in 2014, but it's chosen to trend on the music charts at just the right time! "I Love You So" by The Walters may not be the most hopeful song - the singer chooses to leave the relationship instead of making things work out. However, despite his decision, he remarks that he's still deeply in love with his former partner.

Despite how long this track has been around, the official music video for it just came out only 2 months ago! TikTok may get a lot of flack these days, but at least it's been helping some deserving artists like The Walters make a comeback.

5. "Still Into You" - Paramore

If we're putting a song from the early 2010s on our list, then we have to follow it up with this punk pop throwback! "Still Into You" is one of Paramore's biggest hits and the best love song of theirs to play this Valentine's Day. With news of the band's in-the-works studio album, their slated appearance at the When We Were Young music festival, and the resurgence of the punk pop genre thanks to young musical pioneers (cough, Olivia Rodrigo, cough), it's not a faux pas to play some old Paramore in 2022. In fact, you might get respect from your listeners.

Some things just make sense, and one of those things is the mood of this bop - which can be described as pleasant, blissful, saccharine, and refreshing. This song is for the couples who've been in long-term relationships but work to keep their love alive. You'll melt into Hayley Williams magical vocals: especially that electric high note she hits during the song's bridge!

6. "How Do I Make You Love Me?" - The Weeknd

Fresh off his latest album Dawn FM, "How Do I Make You Love Me?" is a dance-pop track about longing for a lover. The Weeknd gets vulnerable here, asking for his interest's permission to treat her right despite the fact he usually doesn't need to thanks to his fame and charm.

After you take your valentine out for a fancy dinner, follow it up with this song on the car ride home! With its electronic beats and funky vocals, "How Do I Make You Love Me?" was tailor-made for an evening trip.

7. "Adore You" - Harry Styles

Harry Styles music is good for any occasion. While we know some of you may be making Harry himself your valentine this year (we respect you for it), "Adore You" is a great song to play for your significant other as you walk into their "rainbow paradise."

In an interview, Harry said about this song, "It’s about that initial infatuation stage when you get that heavy feeling of just bliss, like a blissful, very joyous connection with someone. We wrote this in a day, we just had so much fun making it."

8. "Meet Me At Our Spot" - The Anxiety

Ah, young love. If you're looking for a romantic song that will make you nostalgic for your teenage years, try "Meet Me At Our Spot" by Willow Smith and Tyler Cole (a.k.a. The Anxiety). This is one of those bops that doesn't outright say it's about can just feel it within the performances and music production. Especially with lyrics like, "Baby, are you coming for the ride? I just wanna look into your eyes, I just wanna stay for the night."

The great thing about this song is that you can interpret it's message to be more than just a song for a romantic partner - it could also be about the love you have for your friends, too. All-in-all, "Meet Me At Our Spot" is about how spending meaningful time with those you love can conquer your worst anxieties.

9. "State of Grace (Taylor's Version)" - Taylor Swift

How could we not include something from Taylor's new Red re-recording? As Taylor said herself on Good Morning America back in 2012, this song "sounds like falling in love in an epic way." It describes that honeymoon period of endless possibilities, best behavior, and whirlwind romance. Taylor Swift is the queen of love songs, and of all the songs on Red (which is mostly about Swift's breakup with actor Jake Gyllenhaal), this one is by far the most Valentine's Day-appropriate.

If you're looking for another "Taylor's Version" song to play on February 14, we also recommend her newer version of "Love Story!" What a delightful throwback.

10. "love language" - Ariana Grande

An elegant love song that gives off 90s vibes. The steady drum beat and whirling violin riffs help to make the production of this song next-level good. Every song off Positions is a treat, and "love language" is no exception.

Love languages are a concept that posits people show love for each other in different ways: physical touch, words of affirmation, etc. For this song, Ariana is trying to learn her partner’s love language so she can be better, and expressing that she loves that they understand her. It's so adorable, and we can't help but feel like we've been struck by Cupid's arrow when listening to this!

That's about it, folks. We hope you have a happy, safe, and loving Valentine's Day. Until next time, happy broadcasting!

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