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Thank You CBI for Hosting a Great Event!

Last week, Live365 and our parent company, Media Creek, Inc., had the honor of attending the 2018 National Student Electronic Media Convention (NSEMC) hosted by College Broadcasters, Inc. (CBI).

Live365 and our Director of Sales, Matt Kellogg, had the extraordinary opportunity to host a session as well as talk with the college students about Live365 being back. We would like to thank everyone who stopped by to talk with Live365 at the 2018 NSEMC, it was a pleasure to speak with everyone who took the time to visit us.

"The 2018 NSEMC by CBI was an incredible event that gave us, here at Live365, the opportunity to speak with college students and college radio organizations about the radio broadcasting industry," Kellogg noted. "There's no better place to gain insight into broadcaster needs as well as tastes, trends, and the future of radio than at the annual NSEMC."

Kellogg delivered a presentation - Streaming Comes of Age - to dozens of college students interested in broadcasting and was able to gain a ton of insight to help shape Live365's future in this space by surveying conference attendees.

"I also had the opportunity to host a session about streaming in the current age. We had a productive discussion about how we can continue to evolve radio with streaming, podcasting, and dynamic ad insertion," Kellogg continued. "The session certainly left me excited about the future of radio and how Live365 can contribute to that future."

Here at Live365, one of our missions as a company is to empower college broadcasters and to work on educating people about the industry to build the next generation of broadcasters.

"Live365 continues to be a leader in internet radio and broadcasting," Live365’s CEO, Jon Stephenson, said. "We are always actively working to innovate the industry and having the remarkable opportunity to gain insight from these young broadcasters as well as help educate about the industry at the 2018 NSEMC keeps us consistently on the cutting edge of innovation."

Live365 would like to thank CBI for hosting such an awesome event. We thoroughly enjoyed being part of the 2018 NSEMC and we look forward to being part of future NSEMCs for years to come.

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Article Image: Media Creek's Director of Sales, Matt Kellogg, at the 2018 NSEMC.

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