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5 More Games to Play with Your Radio Station Listeners

Recently, Live365 shared with you 5 Games to Play with Your Radio Station Listeners. We made a promise to deliver a follow-up in the near future, and now, we're back with 5 more fun activities to try out with your audience!

While most radio station games are best played with listeners live over the phone, we've also included some games that can be played via social media or through online/email submission. Feel free to copy our 5 suggestions word-for-word or spice things up a bit with added rules or elements.

Ready for our suggestions? Here they are!

Local Business Contests

Especially with the COVID-19 pandemic, it's more important than ever to support small local businesses. If you're a radio station looking to highlight the hard work of a store near you, consider developing a contest that involves supporting a local business you adore!

You can go about this in several different ways. To give one example, you could start a raffle where listeners can only enter by purchasing a certain item from the store, posing with it in a picture, and uploading the photo to social media. (Provided they tag your station and the business, of course!) Another thing you could do is start a trivia game where local listeners must answer questions about the small business.

Of course, make sure to check in with the local business of your choosing before starting a contest around it. For prizes, aim to include gifts from the store - like gift cards/coupons, a special item, merch, or even a year's supply of something!

Magnificent Seven

This exciting phone game comes from the Jonesy and Amanda Show on WSFM 101.7. It's your average radio trivia game with an interesting twist.

First, have radio station listeners call in and pick a player. You will ask the player a series of seven trivia questions. If they answer all seven questions correctly, they win a prize. If they give a wrong answer or hang up, choose another caller to take their place.

If another caller is picked, they get to start the game from exactly where the last player left off...meaning if the previous player answered the 6th question incorrectly, the next player only has to answer one more question to win the prize!

Name X Things in X Seconds

This is a simple phone game to organize. First, have listeners call in and pick a lucky contestant. Next, have the caller list 5-10 things that match a certain topic. For example, you could make them name 5 words that start with the letter Q or 10 U.S. capital cities. If they are able to name the amount of required things correctly and without stumbling, they win.

For more intensity, include a countdown clock! Listing easy things can be a lot more challenging when the pressure of time is added.

Stupid Easy Trivia

Speaking of time and easy things, this is another fun game that centers around those two concepts. Stupid Easy Trivia makes players believe they have a more-than-good chance of winning, but it's actually a lot harder than it seems.

This game involves picking a caller and asking them 10 very simple questions: things like "what is the opposite of left?" (right) and "what's 5+5?" (10). The catch? Players only have 30 seconds to answer all 10 questions.

With the stress of a time limit, enduring 10 questions, and the rapid pace of giving right answers, you'll be surprised by how many players crack!


Get ready to listen to some cute, silly, and talented performances with this game! If you've got tickets to give away as a prize - let's say for an upcoming concert or for a new blockbuster movie - Impressions is the perfect game to play with listeners.

First, decide whether you want to conduct the contest over live radio or through online submission. Having people phone in can make the game more challenging since people must be ready in the moment, while conducting the game via online submission allows your listeners to prepare more.

Next, tell your audience what kind of short impression they need to do in order to win the prize. Maybe they need to call in as James Bond and give a reason why they deserve tickets to his next movie. Maybe your listeners have to give their best Lady Gaga singing performance in order to score tickets to her upcoming concert! It's all up to you.

Once all the impressions are done and the submission period is closed, pick a winner. Make sure to play their amazing impression on air! You could also call your winning player to give them the good news.

Fun fact: Oscar-nominated actress Saoirse Ronan once revealed on the Graham Norton Show she won a game of Impressions when she was just 10 years old. The game was conducted by legendary Irish DJ Gerry Ryan and Ronan called in as the Gingerbread Man from Shrek! Watch the clip below to hear the full story and her adorable performance. Who may just find a future Oscar-nominated actor in your game of Impressions!

That's it for our suggestions this time. Hungry for more? We'll be giving additional radio station game ideas in the near time for guests instead of listeners! Stay tuned for that, and in the meantime, happy broadcasting!

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