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The Beginner's Guide to Internet Radio

Creating an internet radio station can seem intimidating, but it doesn't have to be difficult. Below are six easy steps on how to easily create a basic internet radio station to help you start broadcasting in no time!

1. Equipment
When you think of a radio station, you probably picture big towers and lots of fancy equipment inside a high-tech studio. Fortunately, none of that is required for an internet radio station.

You will, however, need the essential equipment listed below.

  • Content: Most stations play music, talk, or a mix of both. Do you have the tracks you want to play? Do you have some ideas or scripts for what you want to say?
  • Computer/Internet: A reliable computer with a reliable (wired) internet source is not only essential for your station's performance, but for your own sanity. There's nothing worse than your computer crashing or your WiFi dropping in the middle of a live show!
  • Microphone: If you plan on any voice-overs or talk segments, whether pre-recorded or live, you need a microphone. It doesn't have to be anything fancy, just as long as it is compatible with your computer.
  • Broadcasting Platform: A broadcasting platform such as Live365 is your one-stop-shop for internet radio. We provide an easy and intuitive platform for you to create and run your station, and also cover licensing, distribution, and monetization.
  • Licensing: Whether or not you need licensing for your internet radio station all depends on what you broadcast. Most music is protected by licensing agencies that you need to work with to be compliant with U.S. streaming and Canadian streaming. Live365 has a working relationship with the major licensing bodies, so we help keep you legal.

2. Setup
Once you have all of the equipment listed above, you can start the initial setup of your internet radio station. With Live365, you'll receive an email from us giving you access to setup your station. This includes all the fun stuff like station name, links to your website/social media sites, logo, and genres. From there, you’ll be directed to your station’s dashboard from which you can start broadcasting.

3. Start Broadcasting
Live365's platform has everything you need to begin your internet radio broadcast. You can create playlists, schedule events, and utilize the AutoDJ for when you're away from the station.

Our Knowledge
has plenty of how-to's and answers to common questions our broadcasters ask. Still need help? Reach out to us. We're happy to help.

4. Additional Software
Want to take your station live? Each Live365 station comes with LiveDJ credentials enabling you to broadcast live using a third party software. There are plenty of additional programs that are compatible with Live365 to help take your broadcast to the next level.

5. Build an Audience
Word-of-mouth is a good way to get friends and family to tune in to your station. To increase your station’s visibility, list your station in as many online radio directories as you can. Check out all the internet radio stations listed in Live365’s radio network.

Additionally, you can establish your station’s online presence by creating a website and using the power of social media.

6. Monetization
It’s possible to earn revenue from an internet radio station! Live365’s ad insertion solution enables broadcasters to maximize their revenue for their audience. The more listeners and ad breaks you have, the more your revenue will increase.

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