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Best Jennifer Lopez Songs

Jennifer Lopez just headlined the Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show with Shakira over the weekend, prompting us to listen to our favorite J.Lo songs all week long.

With 8 studio albums and over 60 singles, J.Lo's got a lot of material to choose from. So, we nailed it down to our favorite 20 songs. Check them out below!

20. "Live It Up feat. Pitbull" (2013)

J.Lo and Pitbull have done several songs together and you can always expect a high-energy, dancey track.

19. "Dance Again feat. Pitbull" (Dance Again... the Hits, 2012)

Yep, already another J.Lo and Pitbull collaboration. Honestly, they know how to make a hit together, what else can we say?!

18. "Waiting for Tonight" (On the 6, 1999)

This one is a classic that simply must be included.

17. "Medicine feat. French Montana" (2019)

J.Lo has successfully evolved with the music trends throughout her career, and this is definitely evidence of that.

16. "Dinero feat. DJ Khaled & Cardi B" (2018)

"Dinero" is a high-energy Latin trap track that boasts confidence and power. You'd be pretty hard pressed to find a better boss anthem.

15. "On the Floor feat. Pitbull" (Love?, 2011)

Ok! Last one featuring Pitbull. If you're going to listen to one J.Lo x Pitbull collaboration though, this is the one.

14. "I'm Into You feat. Lil Wayne" (Love?, 2011)

Lil Wayne always brings a very special and particular sound to songs he's featured on and in this one, it just worked.

13. "Hypnotico" (Love?, 2011)

"Hypnotico" was actually a bonus track, but it still stands out in her discography.

12. "Let's Get Loud" (On the 6, 1999)

Now this one is the epitome of an infectious dance track. It's another classic, and it was written by Gloria Estefan.

11. "Jenny from the Block" (This Is Me... Then, 2002)

Perhaps the most iconic J.Lo song, it had to be included. Truthfully, you just can't have a J.Lo Top 20 list without "Jenny from the Block."

10. "I'm Real (Murder Remix) feat. Ja Rule" (J to tha L–O! The Remixes, 2002)

Although a remix of J.Lo's solo track, it feels like the remix was always meant to be the perfect smooth R&B jam.

9. "Girls" (A.K.A., 2014)

With some help from DJ Mustard, this song is a banger and definitely follows up the more urban sound seen from 2002's J to tha L–O! The Remixes.

8. "Until It Beats No More" (Love?, 2011)

Lopez's Love? album has tons of memorable tracks, even ones that didn't make it to the charts. This is definitely one of those songs.

7. "Starting Over" (Love?, 2011)

Also from Love? and with a driving beat and a softer vocal from J.Lo, this track stands with the best of her discography.

6. "First Love" (A.K.A., 2014)

The definite standout of A.K.A., "First Love" is great pop music.

5. "Love Don't Cost a Thing" (J.Lo, 2001)

"Love Don't Cost a Thing" is a beautiful early 2000s mix of R&B and pop, clearly influenced by Destiny's Child, that stands out as another J.Lo classic.

4. "Ain't It Funny (Murder Remix) feat. Ja Rule & Cadillac Tah" (J to tha L–O! The Remixes, 2002)

This remix is drastically different from Lopez's solo track, but just like with "I'm Real," Ja Rule and J.Lo make for a great collaboration.

3. "Get Right feat. Fabolous" (Rebirth, 2005)

"Get Right" stands out for its production, especially the saxophone and horn instrumentation.

2. "(What Is) Love?" (Love?, 2011)

Aside from being a quality pop song, it was also featured in 2010's The Back-up Plan, just one of the romantic comedies Lopez starred in throughout the early 2000s.

1. "Do It Well" (Brave, 2007)

Although it's not her biggest hit, "Do It Well" is catchy and it delivers everything we've come to love and expect from J.Lo.

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