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4 Good Reasons to Start Another Radio Station

Running a radio station is already hard enough work that starting another one can seem overwhelming. But on your broadcasting journey, you may wander upon a fork in the road where starting another station would be advantageous for your career. If you've got enough experience with your first station and know the basics of radio equipment, entertainment, and marketing, you've probably got the chops to run another station with ease. And another radio station = a bigger audience you're able to cater to. And a bigger audience means better future opportunities!

Below are 4 likely scenarios in which starting another station would be a great idea. 2 of these points are station ideas you could tackle right now if you wanted to! Without further ado, let's jump right into it.

Catering to Different Niches

You may think starting a multi-purpose station that caters to as many demographics as possible is helping you, and perhaps you are having success with it. But a flaw of starting a station that covers too much ground is that it limits your ability to create another unique station of your own – one far different from your first station that will appeal to different audiences.

One reason why you'll see so much advice about sticking to a very specific niche for your radio station is because if you ever want to make another station, you have several other specific niches you can cling to. Then you're appealing to two different kinds of audiences! For example, say you already have a station that broadcasts news about the basketball world. Maybe you have a lot of knowledge about hip-hop music and start another station that plays only rap. You can then cross-promote one station on the other station. Basketball fans who enjoy hip-hop will visit the other station, and your rap fans who like basketball will tune in to your original station. By cross-promoting between two different niches, your overall audience multiplies!

Managing Stations for Clients

You don't necessarily have to be front-and-center when starting another station. A great way to double your income off broadcasting endeavors is by managing radio stations for clients. You can use your knowledge of broadcasting to help someone else just starting out.

There's many benefits to managing a new station instead of fully owning another one. You can help someone else grow in the ranks while still receiving credit, you'll share networking connections with your clients, and management is less responsibility: meaning you'll still have time to spend making your first radio station the best it can be. We also believe there are immense karmic benefits that come from helping other broadcasters.

Same Content, Different Language Station

The world has over 8 billion people, meaning there are many different languages out there. With video content creation, it's easier to get over language barriers by just uploading subtitles to your visuals. But with radio, it's a lot harder. Everything is primarily communicated through sound. Radio is live and happens at a rapid pace, meaning there's not much time to go back and translate everything for listeners who speak a different language.

So by creating a duplicate version of your original station but broadcasting everything in a different language, you're catering to other demographics who may fall in love with your station; the only reason they didn't listen to your original station is because they couldn't understand it. By creating different language stations, you're building a global audience instead of a local one. And that's the dream! Who knows...maybe bilingual listeners from your original station will prefer your other language station more.

Pop-up Radio for Special Events

If you're hosting a very special one-time event, starting a temporary new station can be a great way to attract a group of listeners. The bigger the event, the more promotion you do beforehand, and the more people you have helping you on-air, the bigger your audience will be during the special pop-up event.

Pop-up stations are best to use LIVE. If everything's pre-recorded during the specific time your audience is supposed to log on, they may lose interest more quickly. Keep in mind you won't get much of an audience on your pop-up station once your event is over, so you have to pull out all the stops during your one-time broadcast. Bring in guests that draw in crowds! Play fun games with great prizes! Make announcements you wouldn't make on your main station! The better your broadcast is for your pop-up station, the more people will stick around to listen to your original station.

We hope some of these reasons convinced you to look into starting another station! If you still haven't created your first radio station yet, click here to see our articles about getting started. Best of luck, and happy broadcasting!

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