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Fall Out Boy Unveil First Snippet of New Music from Upcoming Eighth Album

Following their cryptic postcards from "Pink Seashell Beach", Fall Out Boy have finally shared a snippet of brand-new music. In true Fall Out Boy fashion, it comes via a bizarre claymation video.

The Chicago pop-punk group posted a new, nearly-two-minute movie (animated by Mr. Oz) on Christmas day, Kerrang reports. It's entitled A Claymation Fall Out Boy Celebration. The first minute and 40 seconds are all very trippy and seemingly random - the visual follows a small dog as it encounters a variety of kooky monsters. However, the last eight seconds contain the new music from the band. The mysterious track has a hardcore, rock sound with a bright guitar riff and pounding drums.

As well as the clip, the band have unveiled another new website which hosts the video – sendingmylovefromtheotherside.com. It shows off the message: "Welcome to the other side of the apocalypse." Their last mysterious website was for the Pink Seashell Beach campaign (sendingmylovefrompinkseashellbeach.com). It had another strange message in Japanese that translated to, "If you build it, they will come", as well as a notice that read "Do not open before Christmas." The latter statement most likely referred to the claymation short film released on Christmas day.

Revisiting the Pink Seashell Beach site now, the message, "The Beach was never real, none of it is," appears after viewers click the big pink seashell on the page. Other images include a dirty baseball inside of the seashell, as well as a strange yin-and-yang-esque emoticon with a half-smile, half-frown expression. The emoticon is present on sendingmylovefromtheotherside.com as well.

Fall Out Boy's last album was 2018's Mania. In 2021, they joined Weezer, Green Day, and the interrupters for the Hella Mega Tour.

Watch A Claymation Fall Out Boy Celebration and hear the new music snippet below.

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Article Image: Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy performing during 2022's "Hella Mega Tour," (benhoudijk via DepositPhotos.)

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