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Celebrate Women's History Month with These 10 Podcasts

We're a little more than halfway through Women's History Month, which is acknowledged every March. Personally, we love spending the annual observance listening to lady musicians who have changed the game. But music isn't just the only way to honor women's history if you're an audiophile! With podcasting all the rage these days, we also think Women's History Month is a great time to listen to shows led by women hosts or shows with women's history at the forefront.

Looking for more feminism in your podcast consumption? Stay on this webpage! We've compiled a list of 10 great podcasts perfect for Women's History Month below. From women forgotten in history to modern gender discussions and intersectional celebrations, our picks cover a lot of ground. We hope you'll give them a listen!

1. The History Chicks

An absolute must-listen for Women's History Month! If you haven't heard of The History Chicks, it's a podcast where hosts Beckett Graham and Susan Vollenweider introduce a variety of different female characters from history. Some of them are even fictional!

Episodes are an hour long: the perfect amount of time to dive deep into the stories of each female character. There are over 200 episodes to listen to, and inspirational women such as Charlotte Brontë, Wonder Woman, Mrs. Claus, and Empress Sisi of Austria have been covered. New episodes are typically uploaded once or twice a month.

2. FriendsLikeUs

A lighthearted podcast hosted by Marina Franklin that features women of color with different views on a variety of topics. From discussions on dating apps to America's real estate addiction and even a chat about why people make so many excuses these days, each episode feels painfully relevant. FriendsLikeUs presents conversations that need to be had.

Episodes are posted very frequently, and the podcast now has over 100 episodes. It's also created by the Be Frank Network, so if you like this show, go check out their other podcasts!

3. Thank Her Now Podcast

Need some more self-love in your life? Looking to be more grateful towards the stellar women in your sphere? Check out the Thank Her Now Podcast! It's a biweekly show hosted by Angela V. McKnight which celebrates feminine power.

Interesting conversations with empowering guests keeps this thing going. There's still time to catch up on episodes, as there are only 27 so far. You'll feel supported and celebrated while listening!

4. The Women Who Code Podcast

This one's for the women who love tech. Women Who Code’s mission is to inspire women everywhere to excel in technology-related careers. The podcast features talks with technology leaders from around the globe about their journeys in the industry, their love of tech, trending innovations, the future of tech work, and ways we can improve diversity, equality, and inclusion in the field.

So far there are 34 episodes for you to listen to, and each can range from just over 15 minutes to an hour. There's also an accompanying YouTube channel that posts episodes with visuals. Check it out!

5. She's a 10 Times 5

Women's History Month means celebrating women of all ages, This comforting podcast is specifically designed for women in or around their 50s. It's hosted by Laurie Jabbar and Lisa O'Coyne: two mamas, wives, and lady entrepreneurs who just so happen to be close friends.

Being in your 50s can be a confusing time: just like any other age. Lisa and Laurie have your back as they navigate through things like relationships, beauty, and even crypto! They also feature very inspiring guests. The show is currently on its third season. Even if you're younger or older than Laurie and Lisa, we still highly recommend you check out this soulful and relatable podcast.

6. The Profess-Hers Podcast

If you're a pop culture junky, you have to listen to this show. The Profess-Hers Podcast offers feminist perspectives on your favorite TV shows, books, and movies. You'll hear many tales of the most remarkable women throughout history from hosts Misty Wilson-Mehrtens and Allegra Davis Hann. Fun fact: they're actually two college faculty members, hence the podcast's title!

While new episodes haven't been uploaded since the end of 2020, there are 50 episodes to keep you entertained, each an hour long. Also, Wilson-Mehrtens' and Hann's sense of humor makes this thing worth a listen!

7. What's Her Name?

Academic sisters Olivia Meikle and Katie Nelson strive to reclaim forgotten women's history in this highly-rated podcast! What’s Her Name? episodes are a little less than an hour long. They tell the stories of fascinating women you’ve never heard of (but should have) through compelling interviews with guest historians, writers, and scholars.

The podcast is still active, and at the time of this publication, has just put out its 97th episode. Before it reaches its 100th episode, go catch up!

8. That's What She Did

This podcast is notable for featuring women innovators, leaders, and rebels who will surely make it into the history books of the future. That's What She Did, like other podcasts on this list, tells stories of different women throughout history. What separates it from the rest is that it specifically tells story of modern women...and features host Tangia Renee's signature wit.

Renee offers lots of diversity with her range of guests, and you're bound to learn some valuable lessons about gender, equality, and leadership with each episode. This show currently has 99 episodes. Once again: go catch up before the 100th!

9. Stuff Mom Never Told You

From the world of female assassins and secret agents to the passing of strict anti-abortion laws in Poland, the topics this podcast covers are nothing short of compelling. Stuff Mom Never Told You tackles the challenges facing women today and throughout history. It's candid, deep, and serves some fresh views on gender.

Anney Reese and Samantha McVey host. New episodes are released every Wednesday and Friday, while "Mini Monday" episodes are posted at the start of every week. We love their latest episode analyzing the latest Scream movie!

10. BOLD Black Girls

Finally, a feminist podcast with Black pride! BOLD Black Girls is a podcast by and for Black women, and those that support the equity, inclusion, and advancement of Black women. Hosts Aries Webb-Williams and Kimberly Tims tell it like it is as they discuss personal stories and (B)uild a community of support, (O)rganize safe spaces for courageous conversations, and promote the (L)earning, and (D)evelopment of Black women. Very BOLD, indeed!

For those interested, new episodes are uploaded every Wednesday morning. There are currently over 120 episodes to choose from, and Webb-Williams and Tims even have their own YouTube channel! And of course: even though this show is designed specifically for Black women, Aries and Kimberley encourage all women to tune in.

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