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Metallica Bring 13-Year-Old Drummer Onstage for 'Seek & Destroy'

At Metallica's show on Tuesday night in Amsterdam, the band brought a 13-year-old boy named Evan, who also happens to be a huge Metallica fan and accomplished drummer, onstage to perform "Seek & Destroy" for his birthday.

Metallica posted a video of the performance to their social media. Before the performance, James Hetfield says, “Oh God, Lars shrunk! They put Lars in the wash. I told ’em not to put him in the dryer. He shrunk,” as the camera shows Evan behind the kit. Evan opened “Seek & Destroy” and Lars took over the drum kit for the rest of the song.

After the show, Evan wrote on Instagram, “Well well well no words I mean to play drums in front of 68,000 people with my hero’s my favourite band of all time was just the best thing ever and to top it all off it was my bday !!”

Check out Metallica's Twitter and Evan’s Instagram post to see video and pictures from the memorable performance below.

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Article image: Metallica performing at Bangalore 2011. (Saad Faruque [CC BY 2.0] via Wikimedia Commons.)

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