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How to Create the Perfect Podcast Trailer

Let's talk podcast trailers. A podcast trailer is a short piece of audio that gives listeners a sense of your podcast before listening to it. It is used for promotional purposes and it is extremely helpful for making it simple for listeners to become acquainted with your podcast. Creating the perfect trailer can certainly be difficult though, especially because a bad trailer will ultimately be really detrimental. So, we decided to talk through creating the perfect podcast trailer below. Check it out!

What Kind of Trailer Should I Create?

First let's discuss the different trailers that you can have for your podcast. Keep in mind that you might even consider having multiple trailers to serve different functions. There is the "coming soon" trailer, the "new season" trailer, and the "intro" trailer for new listeners. Each one serves a distinct separate purpose, meaning it could be beneficial to have all 3 depending on your situation.

If you already have a following before launching your podcast, a "coming soon" trailer introduces your podcast, creates excitement and anticipation, and promises content. If you are already a few seasons in and gearing up for a new season soon, a "new season" trailer re-engages your audience, creates excitement and anticipation, promises content, and can serve as an update on your podcast.

No matter your situation, you should have an "intro" trailer that reveals what your show is and who listeners will hear from, as well as why potential listeners should tune in. An "intro" trailer is your chance to make a great first impression and make it simple for listeners to get acquainted with your show without having to take on a whole episode, which might scare some potential listeners away. Keep in mind that a podcast trailer will also give you a professional edge over podcasts that don't have any trailers at all. And, a podcast trailer can come in handy if another podcast or media outlet wants to play a snippet of your podcast. Your "intro" trailer is already perfectly curated to show off the best parts of your podcast and what to expect, so you will always be ready for promotional opportunities.

Note that Apple Podcasts prominently “pins” trailers to the top of podcast feeds, so consider the number of potential new listeners who will use your podcast trailer to help them decide whether to subscribe. Other directories feature trailers in different ways, so no matter the directory, it will be helpful to have a trailer.

Also note that having a trailer before you actually launch your first podcast episode can be a great way to try to gain some interested listeners. The trailer serves as a "first episode" while you get your actual first episode ready so that your podcast can be discoverable prior to your launch.

So, with all that said, let's talk about the various aspects of creating the perfect trailer now.

How Long Should It Be?

Your podcast trailer should be a maxiumum of 2 minutes long so that it is short, informational, and engaging. A good breakdown for your trailer is 30-40 seconds of general overview about your podcast and then the remaining time you can fill with the best and most exciting bits from various podcast episodes. Note that you might consider having a short 30 second trailer, a medium 60 second one, and a long 2 minute one for all situations that you might need a trailer for.

What Should Be In It?

Your general overview of your podcast should include your podcast name, what it's about, and who it's for. While you may want to have some notes for what to say in this portion of your trailer, you do not want to fully script it. Remember that your trailer should be a teaser and should not give everything away about your podcast as that will drive listeners away. You don't want potential listeners to feel like they already know everything there is to know about your podcast before ever listening to an episode. Also, your trailer should match your podcast and shouldn't give listeners false expectations about your podcast.

In addition to your general overview, you should include the best and most exciting clips of podcast episode audio. Be careful not to integrate clips that may require people to know your personality well though.

Finally, your trailer should include one call to action/one message that you want listeners to walk away with. If you have a website, sending them to your website would be the ideal call to action since it is the central location for your podcast.

As for don'ts, don't put too much information in as it can overwhelm listeners. You should avoid mentioning every directory you're in and asking for too much from listeners as well. Similar to ensuring that your trailer matches your podcast, don't use explicit language if that isn't integral to your podcast.

So that's about it, above we have created a small, but comprehensive guide to crafting the perfect podcast trailer. If you hadn't considered creating a podcast trailer yet or it has been on your to-do list, now's the time to get going with it. You'll be pleased with how helpful your trailer is on your podcast journey. But remember, a poorly crafted podcast trailer can be extremely detrimental to your podcast, so put some real time and effort into creating something great. Happy podcasting!

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