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ShaqFu Radio Featured Artist of the Week: Nas

ShaqFu Radio not only plays all the hits, but also features some of the most critically acclaimed rappers, one of which is Nas.

Nas is an American rapper and entrepreneur who has sold over 30 million records worldwide and released eight consecutive platinum and multi-platinum albums throughout his career thus far. Alongside his success as a recording artist, Nas is also the founder of Mass Appeal Records. Nas began his musical career in 1991 and his debut album, Illmatic, was released in 1994 and met with universal acclaim. Nas has continually been ranked on various lists as one of the greatest MCs, rappers, and lyricists of all time.

Shaq and Nas have certainly got their similarities, including the fact that they both are no strangers to music as well as the tech industry. They both make all kinds of tech investments, including their stakes in the doorbell company Ring, meaning Shaq and Nas surely run into each other in the tech world. However, aside from their entrepreneurial activity, Nas has noted that Shaq is a better rapper than Kobe Bryant. Nas was asked who the better rapper between the two was and he responded with "Shaq got that. Shaq got a classic hip-hop album." "I don't think Kobe got a chance to put out an album."

Check out 5 of Nas's biggest hits below.

"Nas is Like"


"If I Ruled the World"

"I Can"

"N.Y. State of Mind"

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Article image: Nas at his Life is Good release party at the MLB Fan Cave in 2012. (Bryan Horowitz [CC BY-SA 2.0] via Wikimedia Commons.)

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