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Starting a Podcast in 2023? Here's 3 Tips for You.

Have you decided to take the leap and start a podcast in the new year? If so...congratulations! We promise your decision will be a rewarding one, and there's so much about audio production, script writing, and marketing you will be learning along the way.

To any brave souls ready to take on the challenges of starting a podcast, we have 3 tips we'd like to share with you. They concern rookie mistakes we commonly see new podcasters making. We're sharing this advice with you now - before the New Year's Eve ball drops - so you can have the best possible chances of getting discovered next year! You deserve to start off on the right foot.

Without further ado, keep these 3 statements in mind when finally uploading your podcast to the internet...

1. Your Podcast's Thumbnail is More Important Than You Think.

They say never to judge a book by its cover, but let's be honest...we're all humans. Chances are you've decided to check out a podcast simply because you thought the show listing had an eye-catching thumbnail. A picture is worth a thousand words, and a good picture as your thumbnail can be worth even more than that.

When creating a thumbnail, make sure your fonts and images aren't too tiny. Additionally, you don't want too much detail. Typically, people find new podcast thumbnails when scrolling through their phones, and if someone has to squint their eyes and strain to see your thumbnail, it's not going to leave a good first impression.

Make your logo easy to recognize while also giving a hint as to what your podcast is about. Minimalism is key, but remember to also use up the space! Graphic design tools like Photoshop or Canva can help you create a great thumbnail that will attract lots of attention.

2. Don't Put Episode Numbers in Your Titles!

We get it - once you start releasing more and more podcast episodes, you're going to be very proud of your episode numbers. But just because Joe Rogan and other podcasters like to mention their episode numbers in their episode titles, it doesn't mean you should do it, too.

In fact, putting episode numbers in your show's titles can harm your growth in two ways. First, once you start hitting high-numbered episodes, putting your episode number in the episode's title will definitely detract new listeners who have just stumbled across your podcast. This is because seeing a large number will have your prospective viewer realize it's going to take a long time to catch up to your most recent upload. If you saw that you had get through 100 episodes to understand what's happening in the latest one, would you be encouraged to listen? Probably not. Not including episode numbers in your titles subtly tells those curious about your podcast that they can start listening from any episode they want. And that's an awesome thing!

Second - while it may be a small aspect of the title, putting your episode number in the title will take up space. It's space that could be better used creating short, sweet, intriguing, searchable, and catchy episode names. Names that will actually attract new listeners. Similarly, don't put episode upload dates in your titles, either! Ditch the numbers, go with the bigger picture instead. And if you really want to show off how many episodes you're on with your podcast, just put the episode number in your new upload's description instead.

3. Want to Grow Fast? Stick to an Upload Schedule.

Consistency is key. Just like posting any other kind of content on the internet, sticking to a consistent upload schedule is super beneficial for you and your audience. Make sure that whenever you post your uploads - whether they're once a week or seven days a week - they're always on the same date and time. Don't make your listeners guess when it comes to updating your podcast! Some people love sticking with routines, and having a reliable upload schedule helps your audience work their routine around listening to your show.

Remember: although you might be going on a vacation or taking a hiatus soon, that doesn't mean your audience will be, too. If you're unable to upload new episodes on your set dates and times, either formally announce to your audience that no new episodes will be appearing during those times until you return, or prepare for your breaks in advance by planning and editing new episodes well before your hiatus, then scheduling them for upload while you're away. If you put in the work and prepare, you'll stay golden!

That's about it for now. We hope your new podcast finds success in the new year. We can't wait to hear it! Have a wonderful 2023, and happy podcasting!

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