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SZA Confirms Broken Ankle After Accepting 2022 Grammy on Crutches

If you watched the Grammy Awards on Sunday (April 3), you may have noticed SZA was on a pair of crutches while accepting the Best Pop Duo/Group Performance award with Doja Cat. Turns out, SZA actually had a broken ankle...a diagnosis she didn't know until after the event!

According to Billboard, SZA revealed she had fallen out of bed right before the ceremony. The 31-year-old artist talked about the injury in the press room after the Grammys. "It’s very funny because I fell out of bed right before it was time to leave and get ready for this,” she said.

SZA thought the injury was just a sprain, and decided to still attend the Grammys with the help of a wheelchair (according to SZA's Instagram page, Lil Nas X even got to roll her around!), and a pair of crutches. In a now-viral moment, Lady Gaga helped SZA onto the stage to collect her award with Doja Cat, fixing her dress in the process. Doja Cat almost didn't make it to the stage herself: she had to use the bathroom just before the category was called! Despite their obstacles, both women were right on time to receive their Grammys.

After the Grammys, SZA said, “Whenever something big happens to me, something crazy happens too.” The award for “Kiss Me More” was her first Grammy win ever, out of 14 total career nominations.

SZA learned her ankle was broken the next day. She confirmed the diagnosis on her Instagram Story with two pictures. One showed a physician wrapping her leg before being cast, the other showed an x-ray of her ankle.

“Chipped the corner of my ankle bone right off doing NOTHING,” she wrote alongside the x-ray on her Instagram Story. She added, “I was NOT missing that red carpet.”

In other SZA news, the artist is expected to release a new album sometime soon. She's been teasing new music after self-releasing three tracks - “Nightbird,” “Joni,” and “I Hate You” - via an anonymous SoundCloud account last year. Following its success on TikTok, she then released "I Hate U" to streaming services. She's also helped out on several collaborations recently, including her Grammy-winning "Kiss Me More" with Doja Cat, “Fue Mejor” with Kali Uchis, and “No Love” with Summer Walker.

See photos and videos from SZA's night at the Grammys below.

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Article Image: SZA performing at III Points Festival in 2019. (Hunter Crenian via Shutterstock.)

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