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The Music Scout (Alternative) - November 2023

Author: Jay Goldberg

Since my columns are written about a month in advance, there have only been a few responses so far to the 10-question survey I requested readers to answer last month. If you haven't filled it out, I would appreciate if you take the time to do so. How I proceed with this column will be impacted by the results. Click to the survey here.

I will keep the survey open through December 20th. As a thank you for taking the survey, and as an early holiday gift, I will provide you with my favorite free-for-radio stations site for obtaining quality indie and small label artist songs for your station. One of the reasons I like this site is that you can indicate the genres you are interested in, sit back, and have promoters send you emails with links to listen to and download songs. At least that is what happened to me and that is all I can go on. The site is Haulix.


When you get to the main page, scroll down until you see the prompt to add your email address. Then, log in and click on settings and choose your genres. Hopefully, subscriptions will follow. (Note you may have to wait until you get your first email from one of their promoters before you can sign in and create a password.)


Now on to the music. Some of the songs I have used in my past columns come from this site. But in order to demonstrate the music I get from this site, my five new songs this month will all be from my favorite Haulix promoter – James – who sends me some great stuff.

“Cabin Fever” by Apache Rose

The band recorded this song in Moscow before moving to Tbilisi, Georgia because of the war. The lyrics draw from the lockdown and other personal situations people get stuck in. The video was made with AI and the band said, “that thing is awesome to work with.”

“To Be Free” by Dopus Opus

Dopus Opus, from California, is Terry Waterman and Steve McKenzie. They consider their music psych rock. As the band puts it, “Growing up, we loved the immersive experience that listening to music could bring. We want our own music to capture some of that spirit and take listeners on a sonic journey.”

“Heaven” by Venus Blake

Blake has been described as a Gothic pop singer-songwriter. Blake's artistic philosophy is orbo ab chao or 'beauty out of darkness.' And that is what she wanted to accomplish with her debut album, which while dark, dramatic, and brooding, gives the listener the strength to rise above it all.

“Horizons We Can't See Past” by Eric Anders and Mark O'Bitz

This song is off the duo's album Sirens Go By, which is their second installment in a four-part collection they call “music from the time of coronavirus.” All songs were written and produced remotely during the pandemic. They are from different parts of California.

“Bang” by Louise Aubrie

Jacques Brel, Marc Almond (Soft Cell), and the Pet Shop Boys were Aubrie's influences for this song. In fact, her album cover for Antonio, the album “Bang” appears on, is a homage to the Pet Shop Boys' album Actually. By the way, Brel was also an influence for David Bowie.

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