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Art for  by Dance Dance AMV - Fall Out Boy

Dance Dance AMV - Fall Out Boy

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  1. Art for by Jon - the cutting edge doesn't hurt!

    Jon - the cutting edge doesn't hurt!

  2. Art for by Steve McKay - Weather

    Steve McKay - Weather

  3. Art for by Kim Mitchell - Mainely Alternative!!

    Kim Mitchell - Mainely Alternative!!

  4. Art for The Main Thing by Real Estate - Shallow Sun

    The Main Thing

    Real Estate - Shallow Sun

  5. Art for Siamese Dream by Smashing Pumpkins - Cherub Rock

    Siamese Dream

    Smashing Pumpkins - Cherub Rock

  6. Art for The Autumn Effect by 10 Years - Half Life

    The Autumn Effect

    10 Years - Half Life

  7. Art for  by Slappy - Big Spring

    Slappy - Big Spring

  8. Art for  by Michigander - Misery

    Michigander - Misery


The best alternative music that includes deep album cuts and new independent artists! Kim Mitchell, with over 45 years of radio experience, hosts 9am-4pm EST Monday-Friday. Also an all 70's program on Sunday nights 8-12M..Mainely 70's, of course. Programming from Bangor, Maine to the world with a unique blend and info from the great state of Maine.