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The Music Scout (Alternative) - July 2022

Author: Jay Goldberg

I'm back for column number two. To repeat (for the last time), the purpose of this column is to make radio station owners aware of songs that many don't know. Last month I mentioned I have "trained" for this my whole life. Well, here are the highlights:

(1) In elementary school, friends would come over to listen to my collection of 45s. I would start playing a song, when a friend recognized it, I would take it off and put on a song he or she didn't know. My friend Doug called me obnoxious, I told him I was training him for Name That Tune.

(2) In college I was known for breaking new artists. Some of the artists I broke on campus were Al Stewart, Renaissance, Billy Joel, and The Alan Parsons Project.

(3) After college, while in New York, when my friends got stuck in the 70s musically, I threw two music parties a year where I played new songs and artists to catch them up.

(4) When I moved to Florida I got involved with a meetup group of musicians and many came to me for new song suggestions to freshen up their setlists.

(5) Now I have a radio station with a motto of "some that you recognize, some that you hardly even heard of" (from "Celluloid Heroes" by The Kinks, written by Ray Davies).

"Let You In" by Starveya

When is a love song not really a love song? When it's about a love that wasn't what you thought or hoped it to be. All I can say (write?) is that if the result is a song as good as this, then it was a relationship worth having.

"Home" by Louise Aubrie

I go from a love song that's not really a love song to a song off an album (Antonio) dealing with a fictional love. The album is inspired by Jacques Brel’s "La Chanson De Jacky" and tells the tale of Louise’s extraordinary untrue love story with the fictional Antonio.

"Dreamin" by John Scott Dreamin

There have been a number of seminole moment songs for me that have propelled me to expand the music I listen to. "Dreamin," a song about his philosophy dream-think-believe and it will come, is such a song. It's the first off-the-radar, self-produced indie song that became a favorite of mine.

"End of Night" by Dido

Is there someone who really did you wrong? Have a live show? Well, just dedicate this song from 2013 to them. They won't listen to the lyrics; besides, there's no camera, no one will see your s-eating grin. Dido wrote this song about someone who crossed her too many times.

"Laughing into 1939" by Al Stewart with Laurence Juber

Stewart is much more than "Year of the Cat" and "Time Passages." This song from 1995 is about people in the U.K. joyously celebrating New Year's Eve not knowing they will be dragged into WWII the following year. Stewart specializes in songs about history. Juber was lead guitarist for Wings.

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