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The Music Scout (Alternative) - June 2022

Author: Jay Goldberg

The purpose of this monthly column is to make radio station owners aware of songs that many don't know; songs that have been left in the past; and songs that have been overlooked by the majority of radio stations.

There will be a few songs in each column, with a focus on indie or small label alternative artists looking to breakthrough so they can make a living in music. Think how rewarding it would be if the Live365 collective could help make that happen (collective, hmm, did I just compare Live365 to the Borg – I know, go ahead and groan for this Star Trek reference). Why me? I have “trained” for this my whole life. But that's a story for another day.

“I Only Dream (in Black and White)” by Hegarty

Hegarty is a U.K. band. This song would be comfortable for any rock format: alternative, mainstream, or adult alternative. The song is about being happy and thankful for what you have, even if others view that as not much.

“One Life to Give” by Radio Drive

Radio Drive is Kevin Gullickson from Minnesota. The music for this song is perfect for its message: it doesn't take a great deal to help others and no contribution is too small. It grows in intensity just like the problem it describes, hunger. This is the newer version.

"Leaving Zombie Land" by Remerge Band

The pandemic impacted us all differently. It made the women of Remerge Band – Melody Stuart and Tia Green – feel like they were in a zombie apocalypse. People were staying indoors, avoiding others, and masks reminded everyone of the threat. This song became an earworm for me, in a good way.

"Costafine Town" by Splinter

Remember this band from the 70s? They were the first act to sign with George Harrison's Dark Horse Records and Harrison produced and played on all of the album's songs using pseudonyms. Be careful, there is a new band using the same name with no connection to this duo.

“Light Travels” by Simple Minds

Simple Minds started getting plays on new wave and crossed over to mainstream with “Don't You (Forget About Me),” a song written for the movie The Breakfast Club that they initially passed on recording (as did Billy Idol, Bryan Ferry, and Cy Currin). A very consistent band, this album cut is from 2009.

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