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Daft Punk & Todd Edwards Share Previously Unreleased Track 'The Writing of Fragments of Time'

The robots may have retired from making new music, but that doesn't mean they have nothing left to give. French electronic duo Daft Punk have shared a previously unreleased track that’s set to appear on the 10th-anniversary edition of their final album, Random Access Memories.

Titled “The Writing of Fragments of Time,” the track dives into the writing and recording of the duo’s Todd Edwards collaboration “Fragments of Time.” According to a press release, “The Writing of Fragments of Time” is similar to the Random Access Memories piece "Giorgio by Moroder" in the sense that it reveals an artist's story over music. In the latter song, Giorgio Moroder gives his biography over instrumentals. In the former tune, we hear Todd Edwards lead a creative session in the studio while a melody plays on and on.

Edwards discussed the release of the new song in an interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1 yesterday (March 22). “You’ll hear me laughing because Thomas [Bangalter] came up with some really damn witty lines in it,” he said. He also talked at length about his reaction to the duo's breakup, and when asked if he thought the robot pair might get back together at some point, Edwards remarked, “I wouldn’t count it out.”

"The Writing of Fragments of Time" also comes with a new visual. A card at the top of the video gives a date: "2:29:12." As the music plays, the camera pushes in to some sound equipment that monitor the mens' voices as they talk.

In related Daft Punk news, Thomas Bangalter has announced an independent orchestral album called Mythologies. It's due out April 7. In June 2022, Bangalter was also spotted in a recording studio with Lil Nas X, prompting theories the two may be making music together.

See the video for "The Writing of Fragments of Time" below.

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Article Image: The robot helmet-clad members of Daft Punk cross their arms in a pose during the 56th Annual Grammy Awards. (s_bukley via DepositPhotos.)

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